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Hiring employees, will list too many industries in our minds. Let us begin with few among them as:

1) Job consultancies


  • Are you an owner of a huge job consultancy? Then, make your work easy by our Monster Clone
    • With user friendly and scalable Monster script developed by us, you can make all your paper work into software work without much effort.
    • Monster Clone script developed by us, is basically a complete job portal with all user rich-feature’s, like job hunting, resume uploading, job reviews, reports and managing as a well
  • Are you sketching out to plan job consultancy? Then, we will provide you with one step solution by our Monster Clone
    • Starting your job consultancy will be really easy with our Monster Clone as it makes all your work automatic and saves time.
    • Thinking of after sometime will get software will not work as till then papers will occupy your table. The collection of resume at one place at any time being posted will reduce the time of collecting them manually and your presence to collect them.
    • Monster Clone, a job portal script by us even increases your client list as any time posting and no physical travel to the place of posting. Filters on location, job description and all will help you to save your time and manual search through piles of papers and reviewing all of them and filing them for future view.
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2) Placement service providers


  • Placing right candidate to right job is the prime responsibility. Placement service includes job seeks and job providers in a huge number. To handle papers of all of them is very difficult and trusting on fake scripts from scrap is very difficult as been dealing with sensitive piece of data. Stuck in between them, cannot drive you to any solution, use our Monster Clone.
  • Monster clone developed by NCrypted is a trust worthy solution, will provide you with robust, flexible and ease to use script. Both of your aspects will be covered time saving and data will be safe and easily handled

3) Training and placement cell


  • Training and placement cell, is a mandatory requirement of any organization rarely matters on the size of organization how huge o tiny it is. A huge organization would have huge data to be handled and other way small would have small amount of data.
  • In short you would need to deal with thousands of resumes and finding right candidate for your organization, as it is necessary. Going through all the applications for all the post and classifying them accordingly will waste your maximum time. Replace old technique with collecting all resumes as a soft copy and then use one of our feature filters to get all classified.
  • Thus all the process will get easy and faster. Let us take an example, of using cheap scripts available for few bucks in market, how they can put you in trouble???
  • Think photos being submitted along with resume. Now at the time of the assessment, if the software was not capable enough to re-name photo with the name of the candidates then it would not make sense for you to develop such a website or script in the first place! Think all photos in front of you and no idea which of them belongs to whom? This will really be a pity situation. So be careful from suchjob portal scripts.
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Other than that we have a huge list whom we can satisfy with our monster clone are:

1) Ephemeral requirements of employees
2) Immediate need of employees
3) Time Saving application
4) Managing training and placement services for universities, colleges or related institutes

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