How does Teespring Work? Everything You Need to Know About Teespring Business Model


How does Teespring Work? Everything You Need to Know About Teespring Business ModelTeespring is an E-commerce website for custom-made products. It is a legitimate company based in San Francisco, California, founded in September 2011. The Teespring platform allows users to make their own designs, print them on various available products and then sell them without bothering about the production and customer services. This way customers get a varied range of custom-made products. The company has recently partnered with YouTube and has integrated with many internet platforms to provide multiple trajectories to the users. The company has also launched their new venture TeespringGo, which unbounds the users of the product design restrictions faced by the users earlier. Now, let’s see – how does Teespring work?

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How does Teespring Work?

Teespring is an e-commerce website where users design and market their custom-made products and earn profit for their sales and everything else, such as production and shipment of the products, is taken care of by the Teespring team. Teespring works widely with screen printers in different areas to provide customers’ orders by the nearest one to their location. It follows a very different business model than other e-commerce websites.

So, how does Teespring work – this question has been summarized. Now, let’s get a few insights on how does Teespring work for users and customers.

How does Teespring Work for Users?

How does Teespring for users? Well, the answer to this question can be acknowledged with many aspects. Let’s find it out. Teespring is 100% free to use. Anyone can make an account on the website and earn using the provided facility by the company even from outside of the platform. The users have to follow a few simple steps.

The users can design a product using the designing tools provided by Teespring (the colour, the item, the design, etc.) or upload their own designs in Teespring launcher. It also provides different clip arts and a variety of fonts. After designing, the users set a price for their product and their sales goals. If at least 5 t-shirts are pre-ordered, Teespring handles the manufacturing and distributing of the products. They also take care of the customer service. Teespring also shows how much the user would earn once they hit their sales goal.

Users can create campaigns to sell their custom-made products. The users are supposed to design and market their product themselves. Once the target is achieved, Teespring ships the items to the buyers. All campaigns last 7 days. Other than t-shirts as the name suggests, Teespring also sells products like hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, tote bags, youth apparels, mugs, phone cases, also, kids and babies apparels.

The users can also raise funds for the non-profit organizations using this platform by creating campaigns and selling products with their motto designed on the products.

How does Teespring Make Money for Users?

The user gets to keep all the profit that is earned by sales. For example, if the base price of a product is $10 and the user wants to sell it for $26, the user receives the full amount of profit i.e. $16 per piece sold. The users can use Teespring tools like promotion codes, buyer messaging and Teespring Marketing to increase sales. Teespring also avails a translation service on demand. Free translations upon request are provided to users who have sold 100 or more products earlier. Since there is no loss if a design is sold or not, Teespring is the best solution to earn on a small scale by designing without paying money for the setup or printers or designers.

A Few Tips About Teespring

The users can use ads as a way to promote their designs to a target audience using Facebook as their medium for Teespring products, but since the ads are paid, it’s not all free, there remains the risk of wasting the ad revenue if the design could not reach its sales goal.

It is recommended to keep a track of the ROI (Return On Investment) of any campaign that a user starts. The ROI helps one to track their profit and loss. It all becomes easier when one learns to track their ROI to check if a design is profitable. The internet, like all other solutions, also provides an online ROI calculator.

Teespring is an easier path for earning a few bucks if one does not want to delve into the tiring and complex process of printing custom t-shirts. Finding a local printer, ordering at least a dozen or two items, getting it designed and printed and bearing a risk of selling all the t-shirts is a painful process. Teespring does all this for the users in a few clicks.

How does Teespring Work for Customers?

We’ve covered the portion of how Teespring works for users but how does Teespring work for customers? – Let’s find out. Teespring has a very simple and attractive interface which is easy for customers to use. Teespring currently offers the following products basic t-shirts, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, V-Neck Tees, Women’s Tees, Women’s Tank Tops, Premium Tees, Kids & Babies, Stickers, Totes and Mugs.

  • If a buyer is looking for a specific campaign, one could use the search bar in the centre of the screen on the homepage.
  • Teespring customer support provides many facilities like Live chat assistance and support email.
  • The buyer can edit their orders before production.
  • The customer can check their order status using the link at the bottom of the homepage.

The Back Story

The founders, Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton suggest that the idea was born out of a small campaign they started to save a local bar “Fish co.” from a shutdown. They created a Facebook post regarding this titled “Free Fish co” which gained support by getting several likes. They faced a lot of problems getting the “save the bar” t-shirts printed for their campaign due to the lack of substantial capital and the risk of being unable to sell them all. Instead of giving up, they built their own website with a simple motive to get people reserved for buying the t-shirts so they could be sure about sales and would organize the printing risk-free. Within a day the shirt went viral and they got a huge response yielding hundreds of pre-orders. Later, they developed their new venture, which is now Teespring, in which they got a response beyond their expectations. Then they started working full-time on Teespring from August 2011.

How does Teespring Make Money?

How does Teespring make money?The question of how does Teespring make money is a tough one to answer. The Teespring business model works in a unique way compared to other t-shirt printing start-up clichés. It uses crowdsourcing to sell t-shirts. It works by having the user set the sales goal and once the goal is achieved, the t-shirts are printed and shipped to the buyers. If the goal is not achieved, the t-shirts are not printed and nobody loses any money, neither Teespring nor the user. However, if the user has paid money on the tools for marketing their product and if they fail to reach their sales goal, the money is not refunded.

Though the company claims to be transparent regarding giving the users all the profit that is earned by selling the products, it is believed that the company earns a flat margin on every single product that is sold by Teespring.

Since the t-shirts are printed only after the sales goal is achieved, the company does not incur any waste inventory. If the t-shirts are printed, the user wins, the customer wins and the company also wins. If it doesn’t, nobody loses anything. Teespring business model is a win-win-win situation for everyone this way.

Teespring Business Model

Teespring business modelThe Teespring business model is very different from the regular business models. The site sells the products designed and marketed by the users. The company gets the traffic by the ads posted by the respective users who pay for the promotion of their t-shirt campaigns. Since the users are paying for the ads, the company keeps growing. This business model is a good example of “growth hacking”.

Teespring Revenue Model

Facing a lot of ups and downs, The Company continues to grow since its establishment in 2011. According to the numbers the company provided in 2016, more than $200 million had been paid to the users worldwide and 1 in every 50 Americans bought a Teespring t-shirt in 2015. Later the company started selling products other than t-shirts.

In 2017, the company incurred a net loss of $3.5 million on $42 million of revenue. Also, the company has closed $4.3 million from Khosla Ventures and 9Point Ventures. The company went through several changes in recent years including the shuffling of the board members.


Teespring has launched its new venture TeespringGo in November 2018. It allows the user to sell an unlimited product range. The company has added 16 new print-on-demand products. This feature is in action and its top-selling product is Lucas the spider by Joshua Slice. Joshua Slice has become the top YouTube seller after this. This internet sensation has sold over 100,000 spider plushies with the help of Teespring that helped Joshua to bring his animation to a physical product. Over 90,000 units were sold in pre-sale and 40,000 units were sold in the first 10 days. Other famous people using TeespringGo to bring alive their fully custom products are Aphmau, Phil DeFranco, ZNA productions and many others.

The Vision Behind Teespring

Teespring was started out of a sheer need of two Brown graduates to save their favourite local bar from shutdown. They could not get “Save the Bar” t-shirts printed easily which made them open up a website and get pre-orders in order to save expenses. Teespring was later established by the duo in order to give services that they could not get when in need. Teespring serves as a medium for big entrepreneurs as well as untrained artists to sell their designs by creating campaigns for selling their t-shirts.

The company started as a t-shirt selling startup (as the name itself suggests) like no other but with the passing time, the company has availed a varied range of products other than that like mugs, hoodies, phone cases and many others and its growing till date with the latest launch of TeespringGo and its new features.

In a review, the founders explained their reasons behind starting with just the t-shirts. The company wanted to prove their expertise in apparel because it is always good to be great in one thing than to be mediocre in many. After proving their expertise in apparel, the company launched other products for the users to sell.

Teespring is a platform that provides an equal chance to the professionals and the amateurs. The launch of the latest products gives a chance to the users to build their brand providing all sorts of products to the buyers.

How to Start Your Own Business Like Teespring?

After reading all about the otherwise very cliché-sounding T-shirt selling startup, if you are intrigued by this business and want to start one of your own similar to this, you should go with the Teespring clone custom-tailored by our team. You can also customize our clone script according to your needs.

Why go with the Teespring clone provided by NCrypted? The answer to this is very simple. Imagine yourself fiddling with the website making tools and wasting your time and money upon it rather let us do all that part because that is what we are good at! Just let us know if you need any customizations if you want to add your own flavour to the clone (we recommend customizations in order to give your users something they have never seen before) and we will provide you Standard back-end structure with in-built features that will help you to kick start your project.

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