How video calls, conferencing has changed our lives, business, work?


How video calls/video conferencing has changed our lives, business, work?

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Video calls/ Video conferencing has become an essential technology these days especially since the arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic in the world. Millions of employees and students are working and studying from the comfort of their homes through the usage of video conferencing.

This virtual connection of video conferencing allows people to stay connected without physically coming in contact with each other. Since the pandemic started spreading, apps offering video calling services like Zoom, FaceTime, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams, and other related video-calling apps became immensely popular as they offer an alternative way to communicate with the other person without any physical presence. At present, after so much dependency on this virtual world, it’s hard to imagine our lives without them.

With the huge popularity of video conferencing technology among people, we thought it is the best time to look a little further into the impact that this field has made in our lives. So, this article is going to answer the following question- “How video calls/ video conferencing has changed our lives, business, and work?”

Keep reading this article to explore the importance of video calls/ video conferencing in the various fields: personal life, business, and work. Down below, we’ll cover all these sectors in-depth, one by one.

What is video conferencing software?

Video conferencing software is a service that allows businesses to conduct face-to-face conversations without being present physically at the location. This virtually connecting technology is a very beneficial tool for any organization because it saves time and money associated with the traveling part of the people involved in the meeting. With the advancement of technology nowadays, video conferencing software allows people to share screens, remotely access the other person’s PC, exchange important business documents, chat with teams, show presentations and write on whiteboards for explanations.

A video conferencing software can be set up on any digital device- desktop, computer, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Much of the video conferencing apps offer free services which make it an affordable option for very small businesses with a fewer number of employees.

Some of the common solutions for video conferencing are Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. Choosing the best software depends on the specific need that your business requires.

How video calls/ video conferencing changed our lives?

With the growing population of people using video calling apps, one of the biggest things noticed is the increased connection of family and friends with the help of video meeting platforms and apps. Although this technology didn’t have family and friends as the major target market, it turned out to be one over the years. It is an effective way to have face-to-face conversations with loved ones who aren’t able to be with each other, physically. It has been a boon for lovers, friends, and family members who live away from each other, to talk, play, and connect regularly. Social interaction is the vital activity of human beings and has been kept up with technology during the truly difficult time when people lacked any sort of physical contact because of the fear of COVID-19 spread.

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How video calls/ video conferencing changed our business?

Work from home has now become a new norm for most businesses around the globe and video calls/ video conferencing helps to keep the teams and clients connected. With video conferencing, there’s no issue of accessibility, location, or time zones, and in fact, it is a cost-effective method to adopt. Earlier, video conferencing was confined within family and friends but with time, the growing requirement of virtual communication for the corporate sector has helped it develop as an affordable and accessible communication tool for businesses.

After the involvement of the corporate sector, video calls transformed into a platform to host virtual meetings and collaborate on projects. The platform has been constantly evolving to fulfill the demands of industries and with the increasing level of innovation, team collaboration and online meetings are becoming better and easier to manage than ever. Virtual team meetings allow people to work while saving the travel expenses to attend physical meetings.

How video calls/ video conferencing changed our work?

Working remotely provides much more satisfaction to people and along with that if more employees work from home, the company has to pay less at the office. Here are a few of the benefits one gains while working remotely:

  1. Better collaboration

Video conferencing offers better collaboration to work in an organization and allows individual strength to shine. With this virtual technology, people have the flexibility to work from anywhere around the world- be it sitting in the comfort of home or on a vacation. Instead of chatting with each other in the team through emails, people can request each other for a short video conversation to be more productive in real-time.

  1. More productivity

As already mentioned above, video conversation cuts travel costs and allows a more productive business operation. With the arrival of new technologies, video conferencing is evolving with new and innovative features. These incredible features offer improved quality, reliability, effective communication and presentation, and a greater speed in product development.

  1. Comfortable remote working
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With video conferencing, one has the option of working from home or any other location still connected with their respected teams. Today, video conferencing has become so convenient, reliable, and easy-to-use that people can easily connect and work in any environment with a better focus on productivity.

The best talents today prefer the flexibility to work whenever they want. So, to attract these people, an option of remote working is the best way out.

Is your business in need of a video conferencing solution?

Technology is evolving day by day and we must keep up with the growing digital era. Down below, we’ll explore some of the common scenarios that an organization or enterprise face that indicates your business requires a video conferencing system:

  1. In a video meeting, there are very few chances of getting distracted by someone’s body language or facial expression as compared to an offline meeting. With video conferencing, people tend to engage completely in the meeting which results in greater productivity.
  2. Interviewing candidates offline is an expensive and time-consuming venture. So, to decrease the hiring costs interviews via video conferencing is a much cost-friendly option.
  3. If you feel that you are spending too much money and time on business travel then video conferencing is the best alternative for you. Client meetings, providing training, attending important meetings with your teams, accomplishing activities, or any other business-related work can be completed using video conferencing then why waste money when you can work from your comfort place?
  4. Employees feel frustrated when a physical meeting doesn’t turn out to be productive. This is an obvious scenario as they might feel that they wasted so much time and expense just for an unproductive meeting which might make them frustrated. This frustration can further result in disruption in business workflows. Allowing your employees to stay wherever they are and attend meetings from their comfortable location improves the workflows and hence the productivity.
  5. Are you the one who forgets the tasks assigned in a meeting? If yes, then online video conferencing is the best option in that case. Video conferencing can solve this problem of yours by providing recordings of that particular meeting to be reviewed later.

Here were some of the common issues faced by people in physical meetings. If any of the scenarios seem relatable to you then you and your business require a video call/ video conferencing system.

What type of video conferencing software does your business need?

As already discussed, video conferencing is an essential tool in business today. But different businesses have different needs- small businesses have a completely different business venture as compared to any other big enterprise or educational organization. Choosing the right video conferencing software plays a very important role and will depend on the type of business you are running. Here we’ll discuss some of the basic video conferencing needs of different kinds of organizations/businesses:

  1. Small Businesses
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The major aim of any small business is growth and flexibility to position themselves in the market while simultaneously keeping the cost minimal. Therefore, scalable video conferencing software is a valuable asset for any small business to keep the employees connected.

For a business with 10-15 employees, spending on travel expenses is a waste of time and money. Cost is an important factor to consider in small businesses. Thus, video conferencing a the best alternative way for them to connect and collaborate on any project that too with enhanced productivity.

  1. Enterprise-level Businesses

Enterprise-level businesses mostly depend on video conferencing software. For them, choosing the right software is very important that offers secured and private communication. Privacy and security play a vital role in enterprise-level businesses.

Also, the employees should be given the freedom to connect from any of their devices. So the software should be such that runs smoothly on any available device or platform.

  1. Government and Education Organisations

Government and Educational Organizations are going for innovative and interesting solutions to engage students and employees using video conferencing. Educational institutes are nowadays inviting experts, authors, and motivational speakers from all around the world to have face time with students to open up new opportunities and pathways for them.

Additional to this, social purpose organizations are also operating and collaborating with other organizations at minimal costs through video call/ video conferencing software. All the like-minded socialists come up together to share their ideas and beliefs to work and form joint solutions to solve social problems.

These organizations operate on tight budgets and spending on travel expenses again is a major setback. Today’s technology has come up with great solutions to solve this problem.

Vidoe conferencing as a productive solution for businesses

To flourish your business in the 21st century, you need to embrace new technologies into your business operations and crave a path for the next generation digital workspace. Using video calls/ video conferencing, companies can gain a competitive advantage, make more profit, save expenses, time, and resources of travel, and can better collaborate with their clients to develop high-quality products and attain 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are willing to launch your solution similar to zoom or Google meet – you should go with Zoom Clone. We offer customized features to let you roll with your video conferencing platform business in the market.


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