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How Does Online Video Conferencing Platform Zoom work?

The human race has always innovated, in a relatively short time went from sending letters through post box to creating a smartphone app to remote connectivity. Technology progress will undoubtedly continue to change the way we work, live and survive in the future decades. Innovations have now begun to show their impact in remote services & video conferencing technology too. And this is where the Zoom platform came into the picture. 

Does that make you curious to know more about ‘What is Zoom?’ and ‘How does Zoom Wok?’ Below you will find the detailed study of each point.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Video Communications Inc. also termed as Zoom is a cloud-based peer to peer software platform. It allows the individual to work together virtually when meeting in-person is not possible. Zoom is one of the most leading video conferencing solutions in the market today. This video conferencing software is the cornerstone for any successful and productive team. Zoom Video Communications has made a remarkable contribution in the telecommunication industry and pioneered video conferencing since it was launched. To build a business similar to Zoom let’s dig deeper into the functioning of Zoom Video Communications.

History of Zoom

Zoom Video Communications is incorporated by Delaware and headquartered in San Jose, California. Zoom makes it easier for companies of all shapes and sizes to take their meeting beyond the standard voice calls by providing video telephony, symposium, audio, instant chats, etc. Zoom was developed by Eric Yuan. He was inspired to create Zoom in his college days while he was still in his native China. He eventually went to the United States in 1997, joined Cisco Webex, and went on to become the Vice President. He left the company in 2011 after knowing that the customers were not happy with the project to start Zoom. Zoom was launched in January 2013 and had a million users by May 2013.

How does Zoom Work?

As we saw above, Zoom is a cloud-based remote service provider that connects virtually.  These are some of the many ways in which Zoom Video Communications is used by its diverse audience. To understand How does Zoom work, we will need to divide it into the following segments. 

How does Zoom work for Companies?

Zoom is one of the most important solutions for the companies after skype. Several startups are using Zoom Video Communications to have office meetings online when most of the staff are working from home. Zoom has several features which makes it the best software to use for office meetings.

How does Zoom work for Distance learning?

Various universities have started offering online courses and degrees, which makes good quality education accessible for all. Zoom has been used to impart lectures by several professors for a long time now. Zoom Video Conferencing allows many students to join in a conference and is easier to use from anywhere anytime. Distance education via Zoom is also referred to as Zoom University sometimes. 

How does Zoom work for Webinars?

Seminars have been a significant part of the extra-curricular activities in the education sector. For several years now, these seminars have been pushed online, making them ‘webinars.’ Webinars make the discussions more accessible and cheap. It is very time effective and saves immense resources like paper, electricity, infrastructure, and more. Webinars are more convenient for students since there are no location and expense barriers.

How does Zoom work as a Social tool?

Zoom is also used by several social groups to be in touch without meeting physically. This is common in groups in which members live in different countries or states and want to meet often. It helps people to stay updated with each other’s lives and have discussions. Zoom is also used in this context by clubs and self-help groups who would like to conduct sessions with participants all over the world. 

Salient Features of Zoom

To understand how does Zoom work it is imperative to get to know the core features which set Zoom apart from its competitors. Zoom’s features have made a significant impact on its customer loyalty and retention. Here are some of the salient features of Zoom Video Communications:

One to One meeting: Zoom enables people to host unlimited meetings even with the free plans. This makes it possible for recruiters to interview eligible candidates from anywhere. It saves time taken to travel to another state or country to give an interview. This feature can also be used by college administrations to interview students for higher education programs.

Group Video Conferencing: This feature is widely used for work meetings, lectures from distance education institutes, online social gatherings, and more. This feature is essential since Zoom allows up to 100 participants to join in a meeting, which is also very useful if an individual wants to conduct webinars or workshops online.

Screen Sharing: One can share their screen on Zoom video conferencing, which makes it easier to share information. This feature is widely used for presenters to present their documents in colleges and offices. 

Zoom for Free: The best feature of the Zoom software is anyone can hold unlimited meetings till 40 minutes or less. Startups and independent workers are more likely to use this feature of Zoom Video Communications.

Recording and transcription: This feature allows you to automatically transcript the audio and record the screen locally and later upload it into the Blackboard learn, Box, One Drive or Youtube, etc.

These were some of the most important features one needs to know to understand how does Zoom work. Such features make Zoom more user friendly and attract people towards the software for their video conferencing requirements. Another important question that comes to your mind will be How does Zoom make money, not to worry about your all questioned will be answered here. 

How does Zoom make money?

Revenue is an essential aspect of any business. The company makes its money from the sales and subscription to its platform, which makes it possible for the company to have several sources of income. Here are the plans that Zoom offers in detail to have a better understanding of how does Zoom make money.

Free Tier ( Zoom Basic) :

This plan offers essential Zoom services for free. Inclusions in this plan are:

· Host up to 100 participants

·  Meeting duration – 40 minutes for group meetings

·  Unlimited number of meetings

·  Unlimited 1-to-1 meetings

· HD video and audio

· Active speaker view and gallery view

· Simultaneous screen share

· Virtual background

· Desktop and application sharing

· Personal Room or Meeting ID

Pro Plan (Zoom Pro) :

This plan is one of the primary ways of knowing how Zoom makes money. This plan offers advanced Zoom services for monthly rental. Zoom pro is best for small teams. Inclusions in this plan are:

· All basic features

· Meeting Duration – 24 hours

· User management

· Admin feature control

· Custom Personal Meeting ID

· 1GB Cloud Recording of MP4 or M4A

· Several Add-on Plans

Zoom Pro enables the customers to add-on other services in their plan. Some of these features are extra cloud recording storage, SIP room connector, Video webinars, and more. One can also pay more to get more than 100 participants in a meeting. Zoom Pro is a paid feature since Zoom Pro works best for small teams. 

Zoom Enterprise : 

The most extensive plan is enterprise. Zoom enterprise also enables the owners to get bundle discounts on video webinars and zoom rooms. One can also get Enterprise plus to up to 100 participants in a group meeting. This feature helps Zoom to connect with the large enterprises and expand its revenue which gives us a better understanding of how does Zoom make money.

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a plan exclusively for smartphone users. This plan offers Zoom services at relatively low monthly rental. Inclusions in this plan are:

· Single app for voice calls, video calls, video conferencing, messaging, and meetings

· Enables one to make and receive PSTN calls over cellular voice, cellular data or Wi-Fi connection

· Available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS

This plan helps people to use the best Zoom services on their phones. Of their several communication needs.

Apart from several plans above, Zoom Webinar is one of the best plans for video webinars that can stream live over to 100 attendees. This also includes 100 video panelists, live unlimited streaming on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Zoom Business Model Canvas

After knowing everything about How does Zoom make money and how its work, lets throw some light on it’s Business Model canvas,

zoom business model canvas

To go ahead with your dream of owning a startup like Zoom and want to build a custom solution, we will provide you with the best solution for that.

How to Launch Your Own Business Similar to Zoom?

If you’re willing to start your own online video conferencing platform – you should go with Zoom Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own online video conferencing business.

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