Online video entertainment website with Netflix clone

Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone

What is Netflix Clone?

Netflix Clone is an online video entertainment website, provides broadcasting facility for movies and videos online. Even TV shows and on demand movies are also broadcasted for subscribers. Subscribers follow different subscription plans as a service in return to the payments being made by them. Netflix allows a user to register with itself to get benefits out the service being provided by them.

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Features of Netflix Clone:

Netflix Clone also provides you with the facility of renting DVD for specific period of time and in specific number according to your subscription plan, being subscribed by the user. The best feature of the website is that it is built in flash, so it gets easier to be loaded and this helps with the website broadcasting the videos and thus will take less time to load and buffer the video.

Screenshots of Netflix Clone by NCrypted:


Netflix Clone


Many more features of the Netflix Clone made it more users friendly; special is draggable volume and progress bar, to adjust it with any corner of the screen to increase ease of use for the users. The full screen feature will help you to get more users being diverted to your clone, as this helps users to watch with more ease. Moreover, more the ease of feature the website has more user traffic gets re-directed towards the website.

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Highly customizable website as per request makes it more beneficial as you would only need to pay for the functions you want to integrate in the end product and you can neglect the rest of the features.

Netflix also have regional language based video, which allows a wide range of users to deflect towards your Netflix script. As a result Netflix clone, is getting popular now a days. As the world of entertainment is very huge and increasing day by day, to keep you updated with the pace we have all features in-built after studying market trends and user demands we have pre-planned and completed research and development.

Future of Netflix Clone:

Thus where market will target in near future at which we have already occupied at present. So it is beneficial for you to get our website clone script. Field of entertainment is very huge, days were there when a single movie were released in days and series were like blue moon, very rare and the time changed to 7 movies per week and 100 + series running up per channel. But now the importance of time increased so, people don’t get time daily to move behind movie running or series on various channels. So the need of the Netflix clone will increase day by day.

Your clients/users will get glimpse of being present at theaters entertainment with Netflix Clone. Give your users a look and feel of entertainment world.

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