NCrypted at IndiaSoft, Hyderabad – 2017

Staged at IndiaSoft in Hyderabad with over 250 IT firms, the event that took place was not just informative but aspiring in copious way, attending a various range of destinations and industry sectors to IT professionals.

IndiaSoft in Hydrabad

Featuring a vast mixture of technology-based content, we’ve been able to verbalized the added value for exhibitors. Content ambits from market research, product engineering, consulting expertise, Q&As for startups, large enterprises and established businesses.

Startups FAQs

Startups QA

It was all accompanied by potential clients meetings, meetups, frequently asked questions. The result is an agglomeration of our ready-to-go products and product engineering, which has managed to drew the exhibitors in wonderment.

Client Meetings

Startup Meetups

To put it succinctly, the event turned out to be a win-win scenario for everyone.

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