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Trux Business Model: How does Trux work, a remarkable startup you need to know in 2024

Trux, the most widely used dump truck logistics platform for material producers, fleet owners, and contractors, is a multi-sided platform that connects transporters, contractors, and material manufacturers across North America in an open marketplace. In this article, we will be diving deep into Trux Business Model and will try to gain our answers to the most asked questions for any company- “How does Trux work?” and “How does Trux make money?”. So, without much delay, let’s get started.

Contractors and material producers can interact with the nation’s largest network of technology-enabled transporters using the cloud-based platform. Trux users witnessed a considerable increase in the profitability of their logistics services as a result of more efficient operations, enhanced customer service, and increased visibility into operations.

With a complete dump truck management solution, Trux is revolutionizing the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has been largely left behind by technology. By minimizing the carbon footprint in construction through smarter logistics, Trux is establishing a niche in the market where it can favorably benefit corporate productivity individual owners/operators’ personal lives and affect positive societal change.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into this its business model.

Trux Business Model

Since the day Trux was founded in 2015, it has provided key customers with the solutions they always needed to properly manage their fleets, deliveries, and construction operations. From the beginning, the company’s goal has always been to better serve the construction industry and fill the much-awaited need for digital transformation in this particular field.

Trux gives its customers the ability to efficiently manage their fleet, get additional dump trucks when needed, monitor performance, obtain digital copies of tickets, and gain access to cost data in real-time.

In order to meet the evolving needs of the dump truck logistics business, TRUX increased its product range in 2019, including the following features:

  1. Digital Dispatch: 21st-century dispatching system that is adaptable to fleets of any size.
  2. Cycle-time Analysis: Previously unavailable for most of the industry, Cycle-time Analysis provides insight into task progress and operations.
  3. Order Delivery Tracker: Track your orders in real-time, even if you aren’t a TRUX customer.
  4. Fleet Management: Powerful tools for managing fleets from a desktop.

For the past 2 years, Trux has experienced ten-fold growth in its revenue which is a very impressive rate for any startup.

Features of Trux

  1. It offers enterprise solutions
  2. It offers on-demand mobile application based solutions
  3. It offers a network of thousands of connected transporters
  4. It offers a real-time vehicle and consignment tracking
  5. It offers artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology, API integration
  6. Above all, it offers cost savings to its customers.

In 2021 they announced a new solution along with their rebrand to better people in the construction market. Along with new offerings, Trux also introduced its new identity, logo as well as website. It is currently the only heavy logistics platform that is operating to connect trucking companies, contractors, brokers, and material producers across the nation’s largest dump truck network.

During the pandemic times, Trux successfully launched its subscription-based software SaaS offering as there was a growing need for a flexible and reliable logistics company in the construction industry. The company worked very hard as a startup to fill this void place in this industry. Trux is well-positioned to serve the market as a technology leader and bring the industry into the twenty-first century as one of the first firms to provide a full SaaS service for drivers and fleet managers at every level of the trucking process.

Trux is a one-of-a-kind platform that streamlines planning, scheduling, driver communication, and back-office processes that give users complete transparency, control, and enhanced efficiency in business processes. It ensures that all the projects are running on time and on budget. Alongside, it provides real-time data and analytics to its users. Through its comprehensive suite of product solutions, Trux can now assist customers in managing their existing business partnerships more efficiently and uncovering additional trucking options:

  1. Find: Using the nation’s largest dump truck marketplace, find more jobs and obtain immediate access to additional haulers when needed.
  2. Manage: From anywhere, at any time, you can manage all of your trucks and work on a single platform.
  3. Delivery: With more predictable transportation, greater analytics, and last-mile visibility, make material delivery a distinction.
  4. Pay: Using e-Invoicing and payment systems, you may improve cash flow and back-office efficiency.
  5. Drive: Find available loads and claim them, track your profits in real-time, and get paid faster.

Each of these offerings by Trux sets a stage for increased efficiency in business operations, complete transparency, reduced costs, and better relationships between clients, companies, producers, and every person involved in the process. Amidst the growing truck shortage in the nation, Trux has always been well balanced to assist fleet owners, drivers, and construction leaders in optimizing their existing business process needs.

How does Trux work

From hiring to determining a solution for a client’s needs, the company’s core values guide the decision-making process in many situations, but this fact works only if those core values are adhered to. So, this particular startup has also built some core values, and the best part is that they have always adhered to them during their business processes.

Trux drives its business based on its core values that are:

  • Great work environment
  • Adaptable to change
  • Latest tech through R&D
  • Safety first and quality always
  • Committed to Green Operations

Products offered by Trux

Find a truck

Trux makes it easy for users to expand their pool of available trucks by accessing its marketplace of fully insured drivers. With this platform, you can access the nation’s largest network of technology-enabled dump truck drivers. You can easily expand your trucking pool with confidence and without the hassle.

Features of finding trucks with Trux:

  • Eliminate paper
  • Haul with confidence
  • Get payment fast
  • Automated invoices
  • Built-in communication


  • Creating digital schedules for your own drivers and the hired haulers you work with is easier with this platform
  • One can easily communicate all the changes in real-time through Trux’s fleet dispatch app
  • Pay rate, truck type, and job-specific instructions can be displayed


Trux transportation dispatch software is used by trucking companies to enable material producers and contractors to haul material more efficiently while delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Features of Trux delivery service

  • Drag and drop feature on the software
  • Active order management
  • Cycle time analytics


  • Find work in minutes with the Trux platform
  • Manage your business easily
  • Get your payment faster, deposited automatically

To which sector does Trux serve?

Trux serves various industrial sectors, but (with the personal analysis) the company’s business model mainly focuses on the construction sector.

The sectors covered includes:

  1. Large Industries
  2. Small and Medium Size Enterprises
  3. Railway Side Operations
  4. Wholesalers and Retailers
  5. Individual Transport

Who are Trux’s investors?

According to Crunchbase, Trux has successfully raised a total funding amount of $5.9M in over 3 funding rounds. Their latest funding was raised on 20 Apr 2018 from a Series A round.

As per the website’s data, the company does not have any investor as such but has received funding during the one Series A round and the other two times in the pre-seed round.


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