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6 Tips for successful Vacation Rental Business

6 tips for successful vacation rental business

Considering huge opportunity in Travel industry, many start-up entrepreneurs are bullish to start their own vacation rental business with vacation rental script. AirBNB Clone is considered to be one of the successful business model, which is popular since last decade, among travel industry. Many entrepreneurs from across the world have started profitable business using vacation rental script like AirBNB Clone.

NCrypted is one of the leading website clone development company offers customized Vacation Rental Script with many notable features. In fierce competition you need to ensure that your property listing is noticed on AirBNB Clone and at time it would be booked subsequently. Let’s have a look at top tips that makes your vacation rental business a huge success.

Effective Property Listing

You should list your property with high accuracy and details on Online Accommodation Booking Website which increases search performance of property listed on vacation rental script. Details includes accurate title, detailed description about property listed along with amenities provided so that guest can have idea about what is provided during their stay.

On most important thing you can mention in property listing is Neighborhood or you can say surrounding area near by your property, room type etc., which makes effective property listing.

Reviews and Feedback

One of the major focus that every online business have, is positive Reviews and Feedback. It has huge impact on business and in fact it has been observed in survey that 9 out of 10 people check reviews and feedback before booking online accommodation done on vacation rental website.

You can earn positive reviews for your business on review websites like Yelp, Glassdoor that makes AirBNB Clone ranks higher. Positive reviews can be earned by professional communication, quick and easy booking, competitive price with maximum amenities inclusion. You can ask guest to review and feedback at time when they are leaving that makes good impact on guest.

Listing Promotions

Effectively listing your property on AirBNB Clone won’t get subsequent booking nor do they rank higher on it. You must promote your property listing on reputed social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and many more, which also helps your listing discovered on search engines like Google.

The best way to promote your listing is ask your friends, family to review positively along with Facebook sharing, +1, retweet etc.

Availability Updates

Availability updates can be done using iCal on BistroStays. You can update property availability by Export/Import Calendar. If availability updates is not available then might be chances you lose booking leading them to book accommodation on another vacation rental website.

Quick Response

Quick response is one of the key to create good impression on guest. You must respond inquiries and inbox messages as quick as possible or at the max within 24 hours of message dropped on your property listing. AirBNB Clone App is also available that helps you respond immediately.

Major drawback of not responding quickly is, guest can search online accommodation booking elsewhere and might be possible they can book accommodation elsewhere due to immediate response. So it’s better to respond immediately.

Decrease Cancellations

Until and unless if there is unanticipated circumstances you must not cancel booking made on your property listing. It will create trouble to guest who have booked accommodation and will be unhappy with unexpected cancellations which ultimately be panelized in AirBNB Clone’s search also. So try to decrease cancellations.

So, if you own Vacation rental website you can definitely implement above tips for successful vacation rental business. For more details you can visit BistroStays – the most powerful vacation rental software available in market..

Jignesh Gajjar
Jignesh Gajjar
I am technology geek and passionate about digital marketing and web development. In my free time I like to explore new technologies, playing chess, bike riding, long drives.

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