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Little Facts about the Big Battlefield of Amazon Competitors

a-m–a—z—-o—–n! A big game, a big performance, a big win! Twenty-five long years of soaring in a wide-open sky and the upshot is an amazing shot, you exactly know it, right? Do not miss that it is still maintaining its flight amazingly well. Bezos’ brilliant business has beaten boundaries like a boss. Beginning the journey with an online book-selling store today sells anything and everything. There is probably a very small list of the products/services which amazon does not offer for probably it simply just cannot. This world has got its limitations, there has to be a chicken to lay an egg, contrastingly an egg to give birth to a chicken. Some things are simply difficult, haha!

Anyway, Reading on, we find here a lot about the part that Amazon has to offer and about existing Amazon competitors. 

The major three verticals of Amazon are eCommerce, web services and AI products. Each of them has primarily been in charge of the company to generate revenue. Though the retail business gives the best of all as per the statistical analysis, as it happens to be the largest eCommerce company.

The best part to develop any business is to learn and understand consumer demand and behaviour. This is what Bezos did too and expanded Amazon from a book-selling store to a gigantic one where today you get almost everything. Just like any other company, it has its own story, struggle and competitors too. Our focus of this write-up is merely on Amazon competitors! Competitors and competition, don’t they play a crucial, very crucial role in keeping a system alive? Competition is inevitable and it is very much a need of the business world. 

Let us proceed and understand Amazon Competitors one after the other. 

Walmart as Amazon Competitor

Walmart is that retailer which began its journey so early in 1962 as compared to that of Amazon, which was founded in 1994. In spite of the large gap among both of them, the companies are merely competing and fighting for a similar group of customers today. Walmart and Amazon have been competing almost since the beginning and are the world’s largest retailers today. Walmart dominates in a chain of stores i.e. physical existence and Amazon in the online platform. 

With the competitive edge, both the companies have been innovating and broadening their business horizons to flourish. Apart from being just retailers, these gigantic have set their foot in various booming areas. Like for Amazon, AI products, web services, multimedia platforms While that for Walmart are Financial services, Shipping services. 

Though the different initiatives by both the groups help them expand and bloom, there is going to be tough and even tougher competition in the retail business between both in the coming times. Hence Walmart is a prime one amongst Amazon competitors.

Alibaba as Amazon Competitor

Unlike Amazon which began as a B2C marketplace, Alibaba began its journey as a B2B marketplace. And like Amazon, Alibaba has its auxiliary services in Cloud Computing/Web services, Media and Entertainment. Though both of these powerful groups have spread their services wide equally well in the different areas, Amazon holds a lot more in its hand. Whether it is about web services or e-Commerce, Amazon, at this point, is the Hero. 

Though Amazon has been preceding Alibaba up till this point, it cannot be overlooked as a competitor for it has its own powerful story and battle behind such a huge success. Alibaba became profitable in just three years after launch. It has a good market share when it comes to the Chinese Market. Jack Ma has played a smart game when one more competitor among these called eBay tried to play its charm in the Chinese market. Due to its outstanding performance, it has already given a competition to the major gigantic players of eCommerce; Amazon, Walmart, eBay. So we do not know about the coming times when the coin might change its side. 

The game, dear readers, is still on!

Etsy as Amazon competitor

Amazon in October 2015, i.e. 10 years later the launch of Etsy, announced Handmade by Amazon. Handmade by Amazon is very much similar to a marketplace and eCommerce website Etsy. Amazon had to announce it one day anyway, why not? Etsy, a distinct platform where you get vintage and handmade items, is no longer alone in the race. It gives a tough competition to the growing market of Amazon in this particular industry with its long experience of merely fifteen years in the market. 

Though Etsy can be better than Handmade by Amazon, the probability of Amazon getting more share is higher because of its business model. Amazon with its service of Amazon Prime attracts and pulls more customers naturally. In the end, the customers are gurus. But that does not mean Etsy, a sunset industry. It, indeed, counts big in the list of Amazon competitors.

Major Fashion Retailers as Amazon Competitors

There is one trend which is going to trend forever and ever, and that is Fashion! With the rise of the internet wave and an unavoidable eCommerce spur, the sophisticated fashion industry has changed its dress to a grandeur one participating massively in the world’s economy. It is the time when apparel brands have to have a website, specifically an eCommerce website, just in order to get along with the digital world. Adapting to change is the only option they have to not to become an extinct species.

Besides, major of them participate with big fashion retailers like Amazon in order to add a sound prospect to their business. And, these mega-retailers walk the ramp of the bright business game only to win! Bezos entered the food and apparel market only to get good market share, an objective of every business. If performed well, these industries can take you high and higher. Though Amazon with its Brand Awareness, Reputation and Customer experience attract good customer force, these vigorous fashion retailers together are indeed giving a very good fight. Hence are meant to be considered collectively as Amazon competitors. 

eBay as Amazon competitor

eBay began as a very first online auction site. Though it is an online shopping site and an eCommerce platform, it follows very much different business model than that of Amazon. eBay offers the used and unused products, but it does not act as a big competitor to Amazon, in contrast to those who think it really does give Amazon a competition. It will be a long journey yet for eBay in order to get along with Amazon competitors. Though it might have played its charm very well during its early period, it is, at this point, getting out of favour.

The Bottom Line

For Amazon, it is simply – no stopping and no slowing. Just like it offers innumerable products in its eCommerce store, it also has big and big number of services to offer. There is not any market in which Amazon has not entered whether Home Services Sector, Media & Entertainment, Bookstore, Art marketplace and so on. This game of existing competition and new arriving competitions is going to remain on. And so the scrutiny of Amazon competitors. 

Business Competition is that roller coaster ride which can take any turn, big turn, steep rise, steep fall any time; uh-oh! That does not mean it is completely unpredictable, businesses indubitably run based on big and definite calculations. But perhaps it is, the world’s economy might be the ride’s controller but the track, the support, is merely The Customers! There are certainly a lot many factors which decide the progress and pattern of any business’ movement, but if something plays a major role is customers. Offer brilliant customer experience and become raja.

How to start an eCommerce business similar to Amazon?

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