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Buying and Selling Website

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Flippa clone is a buy and sell website platform powered by NCrypted’s Busewe software. It can be made more valuable if its unique features are used carefully and targeted directly to the users. At the end will lead to huge revenue generation and popularity as a result of huge user-base. Just building a powerful Flippa clone website with no promotional features is like wasting time. Let us focus on few innovative marketing features of Flippa clone that makes it unique in the market:

  • Buy it now price
  • Sponsored post and newsletters
  • Pre-Sales Buzz and earn
  • Promotional features – upgrade packages you can get featured on the home page and other graphic/text changes
  • Social media accounts

Let us discuss how all of this features help to promote your Flippa Clone and generate revenue with popularity and branding:

Buy It Now Price

When a website is listed for selling or domain is listed for selling, users bid for that website. Bidding has fixed range or minimum value to buy that website. It has fixed time interval within that user can bid to buy that website. Then seller decides whom to sell upon his pre-defined criteria. So chances are always 1/number of users. So we provide you with the feature buy it now price, a fixed price if you are not ready to follow bidding process and buy at the same time. Value of buy it now price is always higher than bidding price.

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When a users post a listing and it is displayed according to the latest posted lists. So after a few listing your website gets lower priority. To maintain its position you can offer sponsored post which would help users to get their listing on top and in return you can get advantage of extra profit. Same thing can be followed with newsletters. Sellers can be provided newsletter services to email all the buyers about their posting. This would also work as an added advantage over the entire proceeds.

Pre-Sales Buzz and earn

When a user is planning to post any listing for sales, his main target is bidders. More the bids more are chances of selection. This pre-sales buzz can help to generate audience before the listing is posted. This helps to attract more users and get more focus on the listing. To raise a pre-sales buzz you can provide different packages to earn accordingly.

Promotional features – upgrade packages you can get featured on the home page and other graphic/text changes

You can add customized home page to your PHP Flippa clone script. That customized page can include various graphics illustrating about the new upcoming offers, upgraded packages and various other advertising panels that can turn out to be revenue models.

Social media accounts

Social media is the huge market to direct traffic to your Flippa clone website or attract users and get branding of your product, services or solutions. Use various feedback ways to get traffic involved. You can get various followers or even can ask them to share and promote your Flippa clone website over the web. You can take part in various forums, communities or social media groups to increase your user-base.

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It is one of the parts to develop website whether it has an attractive design, unique great content and monetization but other part is all about promotional on your end. The larger number of eyeballs you sketch on the listing the better are the chances you will gain from seeing those whose bids are climbed up and up.

With this you have done the hard-work of developing and listing the website. Now complete the heavy lifting of getting it found by the users. Do you really want to start? Start your own auction on Flippa today with NCrypted.

Vidhi is an internet marketing professional. Her interests span multiple of internet industries and she likes to regularly contribute to the NCrypted Blog.

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