eCommerce Industry – Rising Trends of Future Shopping

ecommerce script

ecommerce script

Let us imagine a day without our cell-phone, e-mail and internet? It’s tough to imagine than think how worst will be it be to accomplish our daily task especially like buying and selling goods worldwide. All of the three factors have revolutionized e-commerce and shopping industry, including engaging customers, their research about latest trends and highest selling products and services ultimately purchasing them. Retailers are yet shocked to see the traditional “brick-and-mortar” ideology revolving into the new “brick-and-click” reality. Let us get go through some of the mobile assets that are re-shaping the huge e-commerce industry landscape daily and their costumers behavior while buying services or products:

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Today, it is very unusual for people surveying or researching about the product while they are inside any traditional showroom. They access all the information from online website like amazon clone or ebay clone for comparing the products and prices about the customer reviews and latest trends. We have two flocks of customers here giving highly competition to retail market vs online market

  • One is customer who surveys online but prefers stores to buy the product while urging retailers to offer him more discount margin than available online.
  • Other is who surveys online and also buys goods from their after checking through all online eCommerce website to get the best possible discount.

In both the case it increases competition among retailers and online market that is e-commerce marketplace to offer the best possible goods in best possible price to increase their sales and customer-base.

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Social media

Social media has already integrated the brick and mortar ideology to enforce mobile engagement and user base. Many of the huge e-commerce websites like poshmark clone, Alibaba clone or gilt clone have already been displaying products to pin to various social media sites like pinterest, facebook or twitter. They are into e-commerce industry by displaying advertisement.

App Marketing

Applications are filling the gap between retailers and e-commerce sites by providing huge marketplaces for buyers and sellers to meet. This marketplace acts as a platform where buyers and sellers all over the globe from every corner register to sell and buy goods and services respectively. For the customers this applications are easy to operate and access as digital world is extremely friendly also available in everyone’s hand. Applications acts as a direct mode of communications, as well updates users about various brands and helps to guide them through their whole journey of buying and selling. So market is getting more smart to through their punch card of offers, coupons, deals to targeting audience on time.

Flexible Payment System

Major benefit about shopping online is the flexible payment to avid huge billing lines and checkout lines. So Customers prefer online payment. Due to this retailers are urged to plan online payment or say self checkout system where he can scan his credit card and do the payment or through their smart phones.

We can conclude that due to flexible options e-commerce industry is a rising graph. So it is the right time to get into e-commerce industry by developing an e-commerce website and starting your own e-commerce business before the market runs out to its great height.

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NCrypted provides you various options to start your own e-commerce business like:

Shopping Clone – Shopping clone by NCrypted is a product comparison website platform which enables you to start your own product comparison website wherein you can upload bulk of products with your affiliate IDs from eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, CJ or elsewhere.

Amazon clone is basically a multinational electronic company that serves retail goods, consumer electronics, digital content, computer services and many more.

Taobao Clone is one of the leading Chinese ecommerce shopping cart site same as we have eBay, Amazon and more.

Alibaba Clone is ecommerce shopping cart but is focused on B2B trading and is developed for domestic B2B trade in china.

Fiverr Clone enables part-time work from home concept by letting sellers offer various $5 tasks and $5 services online.

ClickBank Clone is an online affiliate marketplace that helps affiliate marketers sell digital products by other sellers.

Etsy clone is mainly focused on handmade, vintage items online, so if people seeking such kind of items online Etsy Clone is good option to search for and if you are planning for your own venture, than it can be unique one, as there are less stores who offers such kind of items.

Gilt Clone is a modern ecommerce online store especially designed for women’s apparels and accessories and has expanded gradually into Men’s, baby and kids clothing and accessories gradually.

Poshmark clone is an online fashion marketplace which built with real-time social experiences. Poshmark clone Parties are themed, real-time shopping events where clients gather to e-shop, share, and sell their fashion right products.

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