Host events of your city with your own ClubPlanet Clone Script


Are you –

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  • A Venue Owner or Organizer
  • An Event Manager
  • A Party Organizer or Party Planner
  • A Club Owner or Manager
  • A head of a group or community?


You will be organizing events on daily bases, and formatting them, every time a new event is planned. Let us make your work easier with one of our scripts, ClubPlanet clone. Next question arose is give me idea of what it does?

What is ClubPlanet Clone?

ClubPlanet clone is designed for the night clubs and pubs running in your town and the cities near around. It will guide you all along with the events being organized in your city, information about good bar shops available in your area for you to visit around.

ClubPlanet Clone will keep you updated with the latest events, parties and club activities. It will help you to upgrade yourself with the clubs activities and you to be an actively engaged with the events. It will provide you with information about the latest news on the events being organized in the city on daily bases. Rather than searching here and there for the daily’s event, ClubPlanet will turn out to be one stop answer.

Next you would ask is should I be a technical person to operate it or do I need to maintain it after I get the scripts?

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What do you need to operate your own Party & Events planning website or ClubPlanet Clone?

Operating ClubPlanet clone is as simple as ‘abc’. Whether you are a non technical person or dealing with software’s for the very first time, the user-friendly admin-panel enriched with quality features will help you to operate it with much ease. Easy manageable script will make your task quicker and fascinating.

We provide you with the scripts which will not include any third party tool installment. This will make your maintenance easier. We provide you with the maintenance and support as per the deal being signed with us. The cost of SEO service is saved, as we provide script which is searched optimized from first only. It would be like installing software and then forget worries to manage, handle, and just have the benefit out of it.

An obvious question you would say is, I got everything but how to get users or clients for the ClubPlanet clone?

Why do you need a ClubPlanet Clone?

Listing few of the occasions to give you an idea, how big list is already ready in market awaiting for you:

ClubPlanet Clone - Wedding party

Wedding Party & Events

ClubPlanet Clone - Dance Party

Dance Party

ClubPlanet Clone - Birthday Party

Birthday Party & Family Gatherings

New Year Party & Celebrations

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