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Why Freelancer Clone Script?

freelancer clone

Freelancer Clone by NCrypted is an innovative freelancing, outsourcing, and crowd sourcing marketplace for small businesses. Whether you want a freelance script in php, or any other language, we can provide a solution with your customization. It will help you to get your project done at nominal price and as per your requirements.

Thus NCrypted just turning your work into money by Freelancer Clone. Freelance script has mainly three areas: say job seekers, employer and admin. Admin will manage the whole site; will review every corner of the site. Employers, who post the job, say projects they want to get it done, along with budget and time duration. Job seekers will be the one who are finding jobs, according to their capabilities. They would be satisfying employers with their works.

Freelancer clone, itself says that you can work and manage from anywhere, both the areas if you are admin in that case. Freelancer Clone has decreased your physical efforts, it has a bidding module, using that you can manage employers and job seekers.

Features of Freelancer Clone:

  1. Escrow system
  2. Organized Admin panel
  3. Well designed project management system
  4. Social media integration – login, share and comments
  5. Search Options within
  6. SEO-services and user-friendly
  7. Ease of user management
  8. Payment tools
  9. Portfolio hosting
  10. Email message system
  11. Accounts Transactions
  12. Emails notifications
  13. Optimized code and well developed functions

Benefits of Freelancer Clone to users (job seekers and employers)

  1. Wider variety of job options
  2. Earn more money
  3. Comfort with working at home
  4. Geographical barriers free software
  5. Better working conditions as per your wish
  6. Flexibility to use
  7. Choose jobs and clients of your margins
  8. Unlimited users
  9. Different categories and sub-categories to work

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Vidhi Patel
Vidhi Patel
Vidhi is an internet marketing professional. Her interests span multiple of internet industries and she likes to regularly contribute to the NCrypted Blog.

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