How Does Airbnb Make Money? Insights into Airbnb Business Model


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The howling success of Airbnb has managed to catch the eyes of people. Long before Airbnb swayed people to sleep in other homes and became a billion-dollar company, it was, at first, just an idea to make extra cash and make rent. Yes! It has revolutionized the way people travel today. Airbnb business model is unique, gainful and has developed to such an extent that it is ballooning like anything.

The Concept of Airbnb – How does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb is an online marketplace associating travelers with hosts. On one side the platform empowers individuals to list their accessible space and gain additional income as rent. On the other, Airbnb empowers travelers to book one of a kind home remains from local host, sparing them cash and allowing them to collaborate with local people. Obliging the on-request travel industry, Airbnb is available in more than 190 nations over the world.

How Airbnb Got Started?

Airbnb founders Joe Gebbia and Brain Chesky just moved from New York. They were having trouble paying the rent, hence they decided to look for a way to earn some cash. They detected that all hotel rooms in the city were somehow booked, as some local industrial design conference drew in a lot of visitors.

The youngsters observed an opportunity. They bought some airbeds and hastily put up a site named “AirBed & Breakfast”. The setup was simple. It was to offer visitors a place to get some well needed shut-eye and breakfast in the morning. The idea was born! Soon after, Technical Architect, Nathan Blecharczyk joined the team as the third co-founder and together the trio made wonders.

Airbnb Founders get their funding

The Airbnb authors figured out how to make an incredible $30,000m selling the Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains.

Airbnb raised it’s initially funding, $20,000 from Y Combinator. They are as yet making just $200 a week and choose to utilize the cash to go to New York, their greatest market, to meet their clients. They find that the fundamental issue is that the photos of most postings aren’t great. They purchase a camera and go way to-way to take better photos of the postings.

It’s January 2009 and the hatchery welcomes the three founders to join its winter session for three months of preparing. In the meantime, Paul Graham at Y Combinator tries to persuade financial investor Fred Wilson to put resources into Airbnb. Incredibly, you can read the real email discussion that Graham and Wilson had.

Wilson chose to pass, missing a major opportunity for what might have been a colossal victory. Subsequent to meeting Chesky and co, he solicited them to leave a crate from the well known oats. The container now fills in as an update for Wilson not to commit this error once more.

Airbnb Funding Rounds and Airbnb Investors

Airbnb was established on 1 August, 2008 and in a limited capacity to focus time it developed as an innovation artful culmination. Having gotten a gigantic funding of $2.3 Billion from 31 distinct investors, Airbnb is a piece of the Billion dollar club. Here are few fascinating certainties about Airbnb.

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Founders: Nathan Blecharczyk, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky.

Airbnb valuation: $31 Billion (As of May 2017)

Airbnb is available in 34,000+ urban areas crosswise over 190+ nations.

Having 1.2 Million postings, the organization has served more than 35 Million visitors.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA.

140,000+ individuals remain at an Airbnb listed place regularly.



User Segments characterizing Airbnb’s Business Model


Travelers are the general population who book the recorded accessible spaces from neighborhood has.

Travelers have the choice to scan for a property by sifting them as indicated by lease, conveniences gave, area and so on.

Travelers can book a space by paying through the Airbnb entrance.


Hosts are the general population who possess property and need to profit by leasing their accessible space.

They can make a posting for their property on Airbnb, include property points of interest and set their own particular lease, registration, registration time and so forth.

Any business needs clients – A Customer’s Perception is any Business’ Reality. While a business exists in the market just when a business takes care of the client’s demand. Take a gander at what the group frantically needs – influence it to center to expand on your business – by that way locate your arrangement of clients, make reply to your client’s answers and that is the manner by which Airbnb revealed its plan of action.

Airbnb Business Model is a twosome stage that serves to shackle clients who are watchful for a not too bad space to lease amid get-away and dealers who are persuaded to impart their homes to an expectation to add additional cash to their pocket. So taking a gander at the administration demonstrate – the business manages two distinctive client sections, the visitors and the hosts while the business happens just if both client fragments are there.

Hosts can acknowledge or dismiss a booking in the wake of perusing the audits of the traveler or in the wake of experiencing his social profiles.

Independent Photographers:

Airbnb has a tremendous system of independent picture takers in every single real city of the world who go to an area and snap superior quality photos of the property.

The astounding photos get more reactions and the independent picture takers are paid via Airbnb specifically. Before venturing into how does Airbnb make money lets understand Airbnb business model.

Airbnb Business Model Canvas

The plan of action canvas of Airbnb clarifies the key accomplices, key exercises, key assets, incentives, client relations, channels and client portions of Airbnb. Alongside this, the cost structure and income floods of Airbnb have likewise been recorded. Look at it:

Airbnb Valuation

After Airbnb’s most recent financing round of $447.8 million that shut off its Series F in March 2017, the organization brags a $31 billion valuation. Beforehand, the organization said it was esteemed at $30 billion after its first Series F financing round of $555,462,100 in September 2016.

The organization initially ended up plainly productive in the second 50% of 2016, sources told Bloomberg in January 2017. For the most recent quarter, Airbnb produced $1 billion in income, up from $500 million in a similar period a year ago, Bloomberg announced toward the beginning of November.

With a quarter that way, an open offering could be on the table for as right on time as 2018. That squares with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s statement back in March that the organization was part of the way through the two-year procedure of taking itself open.

Value Proposition

“Cost is the thing that you pay, Value is the thing that you get”- Warren Buffet, this announcement says everything. Offer equivalents to items or administrations that create an incentive for a specific client fragment.

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Having the effect in the business among the contenders is the place you make an incentive to your clients. The center of business methodology ought to be straightforwardly relative to client offer with steady arrangement of the procedure and capacities. A correct incentive set up prepares your business to emerge and makes it a purpose behind your business to be the client’s decision. From configuration, to benefit, to help, to evaluating and so forth – anything done to persuade clients – is about incentive.

Airbnb Business Model

Airbnb uses an Aggregator Business Model, as Uber or the Indian organization Oyo Rooms. It doesn’t have a straight plan of action like the conventional lodging networks, for example, Marriott, Hilton and so forth. The conventional inn organizations need to put millions in building and keeping up their properties. Airbnb’s key assets are individuals and in this way does not need to do any of that. This empowers it to become staggeringly quick at zero minimal cost.

Individuals can list their accessible space on the stage and acquire additional cash from what they get as lease for their properties. As a stage, it likewise empowers voyagers to associate with neighborhood has and book home-remains rather than costly lodgings, sparing them cash and giving them “a chance to live like a nearby”. Individual profiles and rating/checking on frameworks enable voyagers to settle on an educated choice about the hosts and what is on offer. Has too can pick who to lease their space to. These assistance to assemble trust and notoriety in the group.

Other than the voyagers and hosts, Airbnb plan of action additionally incorporates a tremendous system of independent picture takers in every single real city of the world. They visit a property and get top quality photos of the property. These top notch photos enhance the snap rate and help in getting more reactions. Airbnb pays these picture takers specifically.

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How is Airbnb Business Model different from Uber?

At first glance, Airbnb & Uber utilize the Aggregator Business Model yet the distinctions emerge when burrowed further. Uber has streamlined the ride-hailing process, lessening the vulnerability of when and what kind of auto would arrive.Uber’s plan of action is to such an extent that it goes about as a broker between the drivers and riders guaranteeing a normal level of administration. This is not quite the same as Airbnb plan of action which blossoms with discoverability. The level of administration isn’t institutionalized. The voyagers are allowed to pick any posting of their decision in the wake of experiencing its audits. While Uber too has appraisals for the two drivers and riders, nor are they as detailed as those on Airbnb nor can a client pick a specific driver of his/her decision. The most Uber can do is bar a driver or rider if his/her evaluations are too low. Uber pays its driver accomplices through a settled rate of commission for each ride.

How does Airbnb Make Money?

The property proprietors are without given postings via Airbnb and the voyagers at that point peruse the different properties in a specific area according to their necessities and spending plan. The booking and money related exchanges are completed on the Airbnb stage. The organization gets its offer of income from these exchanges through two sources:

Commission from Hosts/Owners

Airbnb deducts a level 10% commission from has for each reserving done through the stage. Has likewise need to pay a 3% charge for the preparing of the installments of the visitors.

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Exchange charge from Travelers/Guests

6-12% of the booking sum is set as administration charge via Airbnb for explorers for each affirmed booking. This expense is non-refundable.

Airbnb reasons that individuals can spare cash on booking charges on the off chance that they book in expansive numbers. This was breif of how does Airbnb make money.

How Airbnb discovers clients?

A client for Airbnb is the person who indicates the organization’s income. He can be a host who offers his space for lease and records it on the platform or he can be a traveler who books a space. Things being what they are, from where does Airbnb discover hosts and Travelers? All things considered, Airbnb was established in year 2008 and its first clients got through a straightforward site worked by the proprietors. From that point forward Airbnb has developed into 1.2 Million postings on the platform. The real sources to collect has and Travelers include:

* Verbal Exchange

*Digital Marketing including Internet advertisements.

* Special Offers

* Associate Model/Refer and acquire offers

* Social Media

Key issues and Solutions

Put stock in Problem

The most concerning issue looked by Travelers or hosts utilizing Airbnb is the confide in factor. After all giving your space to a more bizarre as a host and living with outsiders at their place as a traveler won’t be simple. In any case, Airbnb has a confirmation procedure set up for each host and Traveler on its platform. Aside from the confirmation identification, Airbnb additionally propels individuals to join with their Facebook account or if nothing else interface it with their Airbnb represent better straightforwardness.

This isn’t all. In the event that something turns out badly, at that point Airbnb has a protection strategy.

Traveler Retention

Another issue being looked via Airbnb is the maintenance issue. So as to develop, the organization needs to hold its Travelers with the goal that they don’t pick an inn on their next vacations. So as to hold them, Airbnb gives offers, special codes and credits to visit travelers. As an answer for this issue, Airbnb likewise sends such advancements to has as to rouse them to take an vacation and remain in an Airbnb at their most loved goal.



Numerous urban communities and nations have begun bringing new controls against leasing of properties as they are being abused to abstain from paying expenses.


Neighborhood rivalry is a major risk and since nearby players comprehend the way of life better, they have a slight preferred standpoint. They likewise have the primary mover advantage on the off chance that they react rapidly to Airbnb’s extension.

The Future of Airbnb

Airbnb is now a multi-billion dollar organization and is certain to become further. Having a nearness in 190+ nations over the world, it is currently focusing to additionally expand the every day exchanges on its platform. With an aggregate financing of $2.3 billion till date, the special plan of action of Airbnb has even turned out to be more grounded as individuals lean toward remaining at an Airbnb motel instead of a lodging.

How to Start a Vacation Rental Business like Airbnb?

After looking at such big numbers, investing in this niche will empty your pockets, you say! Well, don’t worry. It’s not like that. Check out BistroStays, it can help you to get started with your own vacation rental website like Airbnb for less than $1k.

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