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how does Freshdirect work

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The on-demand economy is becoming increasingly popular since the arrival of COVID-19. Due to the fastest growth rate and various other business options all the eyes of young entrepreneurs / present businessmen are on the on-demand business service providing business. These online-based order and delivery services have made our life much feasible and easy. One can easily order anything and anything and get it delivered at doorsteps using just a smartphone and the internet. FreshDirect is also one of the service providers with such facilities. In this article, we’ll explore FreshDirect Business Model and get our answers to “How does FreshDirect work?” and “How does FreshDirect make money?” in detail.

FreshDirect- The Beginning

FreshDirect, also known as Fresh Direct Holdings Inc., was founded in 1999 by Joe Fedele and Jason Ackerman. Joe Fedele is the former CEO of Fairway Market and Jason Ackerman is a former investment banker specializing in the grocery industry. In 2002, the company was first introduced in New York, where it started becoming popular as it provided fresh food is comparatively lower prices that too at the doorstep of the customer. Joe Fedele served as the CEO of the company till 2004. Jason Ackerman, initially the CFO of the company, took over the responsibility along with Deam Furbush (COO of the company). This was the time when the company was generating $2 million weekly.

A year later (2005), Richard Braddock was named as chairman of FreshDirect. He took the role of CEO to fill the gap made by Joe Fedele in the company. Although, in 2008, he was fired from his position by the company. Soon, the company’s managers started changing strategies and focused deeply on improving customer services by implementing real-time data reports in orders to monitor and provide quick support to customers. This new strategy worked wonders and by 20113, they had 250,000 customers, $400 million annual sales, and was stated globally as a “home delivery success story”. There had been many tensions among the company leaders till 2012 and Wm Morrisons was a great help at that time.

In 2011, Wm Morrison, a UK retailer bought a 10% stake in the company to learn about online shopping plans and strategies of trust-building. He learned a lot about the economics of licking and delivery of food with the company. In 2014, Morrisons finally sold their 10% stake in FreshDirect for $58 million.

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FreshDirect- The regional expansion

FreshDirect started expanding its service area slowly in regional parts such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens in 2002. They began to test their services in some parrots of Connecticut and New Jersey in 2010. In the same year, FreshDirect started to plan expansion from New York City metropolitan area into additional East Coast Markets such as Washington DC, Boston, or Philadelphia.

Then finally in Jan 2013, FreshDirect officially launched services in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. Later in September 2013, the company also launched new services in parts of the state of Delaware

In 2017, FreshDirect collaborated with Amazon and other online grocery companies and began a two-year pilot program with the US Department of Agriculture online delivery to customers with low income by accepting payment through SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

FreshDirect- The Present scenario

Since the COVID-19 outbreak came to light, most online businesses saw a rapid rise in their economy. FreshDirect is one of those growing companies. This company saw a rapid rise in demand as soon as the outbreak came up and they took it as an opportunity to grow, evolve and provide quality solutions to the problems faced by people in grocery shopping. They expanded their delivery services to Hamptons and New Jersey shores. In February 2020, the company partnered up with a non-profit organization Common Pantry. In the initial phase, only users raised around $1 million in funds. After this profit, a month later, the company launched an initiative of delivering food to families city-wide.

FreshDirect Business Model

FreshDirect is one of the earliest online grocery delivery service providers operating in the United States. It started its business in New York City and then expanded in many countries globally. It provides a custom packaging option to its customers to improve the grocery’s freshness and quality, used as a practice to reduce waste, improve freshness and quality of the grocery. Customers can place orders easily through the company’s mobile app or website.

FreshDirect business Model is completely based on providing home deliveries to the customers that live in New York City metro area at reasonable prices. This was the targeted area because groceries are more expensive in densely populated metropolitan areas and most of the customers in this area do not own a car which thus limits their one-time purchase of groceries. In case the family is medium or large, grocery shopping without an automobile becomes very difficult in a single trip.

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This online grocery store offers a variety of prepared foods and fresh food ingredients with scheduled delivery to ensure the food’s freshness.

Who are FreshDirect’s investors?

As per the reports of, FreshDirect has 7 investors in total. Here is the list of these 7 investors:

  1. AARP
  2. W Capital Partners
  3. J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  4. Morrisons supermarkets
  5. CIBC Capital Partners
  6. Mercantile Capital Partners
  7. AIG Investments

Out of the above-mentioned 7 investors, 2 of them are the lead investors. These 2 lead investors are J.P. Morgan Asset Management and AIG Investments.

In almost 4 funding rounds, the company has successfully raised a funding amount of $250M. FreshDirect has made one investment in Good Catch on Aug 7, 2018. This particular investment – Series A – Good Catch – was valued at $8.7M.

How does FreshDirect work?

To answer the question- How does FreshDirect work? We’ll explore the various options available to the customers to place orders and the company’s process to complete the same.

As already mentioned, FreshDirect has its own app and a website that lets customers scroll through various items based on their location. As per the requirement, customers can add these items to their cart to process orders.

The large variety of items available on the app/ website makes it an efficient online store. Customers can browse their desired product through the categories displayed on the screen such as Fresh Deals, Top rated products, and products available in coupons. One can look for fresh quality products and can order farm packages from the nearest farm. The company has partnerships with local suppliers and popular brands which is the reason behind the large collection of products available to the customer.

Customers can easily place orders by selecting the desired product, scheduling the delivery time, and pre-pay for the order. These orders are retrieved and accordingly sorted, prepared, and packaged in the storage center. Using the app, the quality of every fresh item can be monitored and tracked.

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Talking about the delivery process, the company has an amazing transport and delivery mechanism. Since FreshDirect owns more than three hundred vehicles ranging from box trucks to tractor vehicles, customers can expect fast and quality product delivery. The company has installed a Global Positioning System, safety warnings, notifications, and alerts in order to ensure on-time and safe delivery. This was all you needed to know to get your answers to “How does FreshDirect work?” Now, let’s move on to answer- “How does FreshDirect earn money?”

How does FreshDirect earn money?

FreshDirect earn money mainly by charging the delivery fee to customers. It charges a minimum fee on every order which makes it an affordable and efficient mode of online grocery shopping.

The delivery fees charges by FreshDirect depend on the location the customer is located unless that customer is a member of DeliveryPass, a service that offers unlimited free home deliveries. The company delivers products from its grocery facility. Many items are slightly more expensive than any other traditional grocery store. As per experts, FreshDirect is 22% more expensive than an average grocery store.


FreshDirect has become one of the most popular on-demand service providers majorly in New York and some more US cities. The major reason behind the success (for a while let’s just keep the pandemic aside) is the company’s loyal customer base which helped them in increasing revenue, defend competitors, and attract new customers. FreshDirect makes sure to maintain high standards of quality, committed customer service, and fast & efficient delivery service which has helped the company prosper even in the most difficult times. Despite getting hit by several difficulties, the company managed to overcome everything in an exceptional way. It sets an example for future entrepreneurs or businessmen planning to start a new business plan.

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