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How does leadoo work?


Leadoo, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is a lead-driven marketing platform. The company was founded by Mikael da Costa in 2018. Leadoo Marketing Technologies is the fastest-growing MarTech company in the Nordics. Leadoo is the World’s first and only lead-driven marketing platform. Today, in this article, we will understand the Leadoo Business Model and try to get our answers to our favorite questions – “How does Leadoo work?” and “How does Leadoo make money?”. So, without much waste of time, let’s get started.

Leadoo Business Model

Leadoo is a conversion platform that helps its clients to identify, engage, and convert their regular or first-time visitors into customers. If a website has thousands of visitors visiting the website to read or access valuable content or know about your product details but out of those visitors only 1/1000 becomes a customer then Leadoo has a solution for them. Leadoo helps in activating or converting leads using advanced technologies and data. The platform offers its clients lead conversion bots also known as chatbots. These chatbots are tailored to fulfill the client’s specific needs and the key part is that they are context-sensitive. In a nutshell, Leadoo provides a simple toolkit that turns passive website visitors into qualified customers. Using this service, companies can easily generate more leads, convert more qualified applicants, and improve their customer service using Bots. The platform has all that one needs to step up in the market and enhance the sales target.

Products and services offered by Leadoo

  • Bots
    • ImageBot

ImageBot is the most effective bot tool service provided by Leadoo for activating and converting website visitors at the right time and at the right place. This particular bot converts visitors into leads in the most efficient manner as compared to any other traditional form. It is the perfect tool for sales leads, quote requests, demo bookings, sign-ups, recruitment, and much more.

    • ChatBot

ChatBot is mostly used to handle frequently asked queries, provide automated customer service, and increase lead generation 24/7. The best part is that ChatBot is always available for customer service. Also, this tool is highly customizable and it has tailored conversations to fit the client’s content.

    • VisualBot

VisualBot allows the clients to activate website visitors on another level. One can easily create voting polls and surveys to engage with prospects using this tool. It offers a highly engaging experience with gamified interaction to the website visitors and makes them fall in love with the brand. This is also completely customizable.

    • CallbackBot

CallbackBot is an effective Leadoo tool that can be added anywhere on the client’s website. It is used for generating leads in an instant, without making the customers wait. This tool makes sure that the website visitors are never more than a click away from contacting the business which does not make them spend their time looking for the contact us form.

    • RecruitmentBot

RecruitmentBot makes the work of the recruiter easy and efficient. With this tool, businesses can attract more candidates to apply for recruitment. Using a RecruitmentBot saves a lot of time, money, and energy by automating the work processes. It is an online recruiter that never goes to sleep.

  • Messaging
    • Live Chat

Live Chat option allows personalized chatting with customers on a website in real-time. When Leadoo bots combine with Live Chat, the result is amazing for customers. These tools ensure that customers find each and every answer they are looking for. Owners can easily switch to LiveChat in complex scenarios to provide excellent services.

  • Smart Profiles
    • Visitor Tracking

Using visitor tracking, businesses can discover user’s interests, click history, no. of visited pages, no. of visitors, and more. In a nutshell, it creates a visual journey for each website visitor. With this detailed data, businesses can make more effective decisions and drive conversions.

    • Visitor Identification

Visitor identification at Leadoo identifies each visitor on your website with their other details like who they work for. This data helps to reach out to those customers at the right time before other competitors. This tool helps to identify the companies visiting your website, and know why they came for and where did they come from. It automatically creates a visitor profile for all visitors and adds the company info in real time.

  • Advertising
    • BannerBot

Leadoo has solutions for advertising using BannerBot. With BannerBot, businesses can easily create and share engaging conversations anywhere on the Internet and convert leads who haven’t ever visited the website. It helps in generating leads that are beyond the reach of websites. Stunning banners can be created easily using the Leadoo platform. They are highly customizable, one can add custom designs with drag and drop options.

  • Analytics
    • Conversation Analytics

At the Leadoo platform, conversion analytics lets businesses make data-informed improvements to bot conversations. Here is the list of Leadoo’s powerful conversational analytics features:

  1. Know what your visitors talk about your website
  2. Optimize conversation flows based on data and not guesses
  3. Learn what makes your visitors click on your website
  4. Data can be made highly visual and easy to interpret
    • Company Analytics

Here is the list of Leadoo’s effective company analytics feature

  1. Identify the companies visiting your website
  2. View customer journey of the company’s candidates visiting your company
  3. Investigate decision-making process of customers
  4. Grab in-depth analytics of visitor actions on the website
  5. Increase efficiency of sales and marketing with in-depth analytics
    • Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics at Leadoo collects all visitor data and user behavior. Here is the list of all its features:

  1. Grab customer journey on your website
  2. Analyze and compare customer journeys
  3. Get in-depth knowledge about visitor’s behavior
  4. Increase efficiency of sales and marketing with in-depth analytics

Who are Leadoo’s investors?

Leadoo Marketing Technologies has successfully raised a total amount of €8 million in over 2 funding rounds. Their latest funding was recently raised on Jan 23, 2021, from a Series A funding round. Leadoo makes a yearly revenue of €3 million.

The company has only 1 investor, OpenOcean.

How does Leadoo work?

Leadoo is a SaaS company but also resides in the marketing technology slot. The integration of technology and a SaaS platform makes up Leadoo and that’s what makes it stand out in the crowd.

It is a result-focused lead conversion platform that uses conversational bots to make websites convert more leads. However, Leadoo is much more than just a chatbot service provider. Besides offering the latest bot technologies, they also provide comprehensive analytics about the bot’s performance to the user with additional personal service

Advantages of using a chatbot

  1. Customer Support

Chatbots automate the frontline of customer support to enhance and ease out the work proceedings of the company. They take care of the repetitive tasks that otherwise could overwhelm the support desk of the company.

  1. Lead generation

There are already many websites that have been using chatbots for many years now. Now, it is not only used to improve customer support but using chatbots for improving the website’s lead conversion is the new tool to achieve the lead generation targets.

  1. Increasing sales

Often customers have few queries before clicking on the payment option on the website. To resolve this issue, chatbots are the best and time-saving alternative. With chatbots, it is very easy to answer the frequently asked questions by the customer so that customers can get help whenever they need it and that too very quickly otherwise the live chat option is many times unresponsive at the right time.

  1. Recruitment

Although this use case is not yet the most commonly used advantage of chatbots, chatbots can be used in recruitment to lower the barrier for people to apply in a company while also offering pre-screening on behalf of the recruiter.

How does Leadoo make money?

Leadoo makes money through its subscription-based revenue model. It offers three plans to its clients to choose from- essentials, pro, and custom. Let’s discuss the Leadoo plans and pricing in detail.

1. Essentials:

The Leadoo’s essentials plan comes in the lowest range.

Essentials plan Includes:

  • Leadoo Bots
  • Leadoo Messaging
  • Leadoo Advertising
  • Leadoo Smart Profiles
  • Third-party integrations

2. Pro:

The Leadoo’s pro plan comes in a higher price bracket compared to essentials

Includes Essentials, plus

  • 10x more Smart Profiles
  • 4x more optimizations/year

3. Custom Plan, the top most plan

Includes Pro, plus

  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple domains/countries

Leadoo business model a good perspective to look forward to in future

If you are willing to launch a lead conversion platform similar to Leadoo, Ncrypted Technologies has the right solutions developed by our capable and innovative workforce, Get in touch today. We offer customized and innovative features as per your requirement to let you launch a successful lead conversion platform.

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