How Does Wingly Work?


Airlines Industries has not just revolutionized the way we travel but has also shrunk the whole world in a few hours. In the current scenario, Airlines industries carry a huge number of passengers per year and play an important role in delivering one-third of the world’s trade. And this is where Wingly platform came in to the picture. Wingly is a flight-sharing company based out of Paris, France. It was founded by Emeric de Waziers, Bertrand Joab-Cornu, and Lars Klein in June 2015. The company is headquartered in Levallois-Perret, France. However, they cater worldwide with the majority of operations in the UK, Germany, and France. Wingly promises to bring private aviation to the masses.

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Wingly connects frequent flyers and passengers to private pilots who aim to share the flights for several routes. The Guardian called Wingly, the “Uber of the skies.” It is a very unique idea and has been growing slow. The company aims to make private aviation more accessible to the general public.

The company was started with the idea that several passenger seats go empty every year while private aviation still remains reserved for the elite. Wingly tries to bridge this gap by making private aviation available for the public. They started out in France, but once the French government put a halt to flight sharing activity they moved to Russia, and grew from there eventually coming back to France after establishing themselves in Russia and the UK.

To establish something like the Wingly, there are several factors one needs to consider such as how does wingly work? Wingly business model, Wingly revenue model, and much more. In this article we are going to understand how does Wingly work and what do you need before starting a business like Wingly.

How does Wingly work?

Wingly being the unique company it is, makes an individual wonder about the functioning of the business operations. In this section, we are going to see how does Wingly work for passengers and how does Wingly work for pilots.

How does Wingly work for Passengers?

Passengers are important stakeholders because they make up for the primary revenue income. Here are a few easy steps which clarify how does Wingly work for passengers:

Step 1: Make a choice

In the first step after the registration and the account setting, the passengers are asked to choose their flight. The website has over 5000 flights to choose from to provide the passengers with a wide variety and choices.

Step 2: Book

Once you have chosen your flight destination, you need to make other choices like would you like to travel by an aeroplane or a helicopter? Dates of travel, city of departure and several other details to confirm your booking.

Step 3: Fly Away

After the booking, the passengers receive a confirmation within 48 hours and the passengers are all set for their journey. Since most of these bookings are leisure travels, the journey is the most anticipated part of how does Wingly work for the passengers.

These are the three simple steps which explain how does Wingly work for the passengers. Passengers can easily book their flights via the Wingly mobile application or website. The digital experience is only complementary to the actual journey in this case because it is just a medium to book flights.

How Does Wingly Work for Pilots?

Pilots are important stakeholders in the business because they are an important part of the Wingly revenue model. They list their flights and provide their services which are essential to the business. In this section of the article we are going to see how does wingly work for pilots in a step wise explanation

Step 1: Sign Up and Verify

To start with, the pilots need to sign up and make an account for themselves. A pilot account prompts the individual to enter all the necessary details like the license number, training, experience, and more. These details are very important for verification. Once a profile as a pilot is verified one can move ahead in the process

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Step 2: Listings

After the profile verification, pilots can move ahead and add listings to their profiles. In this section, the pilots need to list their flights which are visible to the passengers. They can add all different kinds of flights available for services and operations.

Step 3: Accept Bookings

Once the listings are live, the passengers can browse through them and are enabled to book these for their journeys. Now all the pilot needs to do is accept the bookings and send out confirmations to the passengers based on the availability and services requested for.

Step 4: Wear your Seat Belt!

Now is the final time to go on the actual journey. Once the booking is confirmed, the pilots and the passengers are all set to go on their dream journey in an aircraft. In this stage, it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure a safe and delightful experience for all the passengers they serve.

Step 5: Receive Payments

Once the rides are done, the pilots receive their share of the payment after the commissions and taxes which is the rewarding part of the process. Here it is essential to keep a tab of the rides completed and the payment due.

Step 6: Get reviews

In a business like Wingly, a major marketing channel is word of mouth of the previous customers. Hence, the bookings which happen on the website are majorly dependent on the reviews and feedback provided by the previous customers. Therefore reviews are very essential both for the business and the pilots.

This is precisely how does wingly work for pilots. The company ensures a smooth experience for the pilots to keep them working their best.

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How Does Wingly Make Money?

Wingly revenue model is very simple to understand. There are a few very important revenue streams while others which are one time income sources which contribute to the revenue model as well. Some of the continuously revenue streams generating income for the company are:

  1. Passengers – the passengers are the primary income sources. They pay for the ride and also for the services provided by the company in the form of service charges. The company charges a small percentage of every booking as service charge. This fee is charged by the company for the platform that they have created in order to bridge the gap between the pilots and the passengers and bringing excellent services closer to them.
  2. Pilots – pilots are charged a small commission fee for each ride they complete. This is done because the online platform is a good exposure for the pilots to sell their services and it brings them business. This also creates uniformity in the revenue inflow both for the business and the pilots.
  3. Add-ons –  most of the journeys booked on Wingly are leisure sight seeing rides. There are a host of additional services that the company provides which can be delivered or executed by the pilots. All these services charge extra and the company takes a part of the payment from the pilots.

These are some of the basic revenue streams which explain how does Wingly make money. The revenue model also includes income sources like advertisements hosted on any digital platform, paid collaborations, investments, fundraising and much more. It is essential to know how does Wingly make money while planning a business like the same.

How To Launch A Business Similar To Wingly?

To build a business like wingly it is essential to provide the most optimum digital experience to the users. And to provide this, one needs an easy to use and navigable mobile app and website for their business. Hire best mobile app developers and web developers to build your impeccable digital presence. Grow online and make your business idea come to reality. If you’re willing to start your own flight-sharing platform – you should go with our best Wingly Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own flight-sharing business.


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