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Flippa Clone

Pricing starts at $499* only
busewe is a bundled buy and sell marketplace script that enables you to get started with your own online marketplace script website similar to Flippa. Contact us for custom development inquiries.

The most sophisticated Marketplace script - Flippa Clone!


Ready-made or Custom

We understand that simply using ready-made script will not fulfill all your niche market requirements. So we provide you with an opportunity to customize according to your demand so you need not have to pay for the functionalites that are not necessary for your business. 

Why NCrypted for Flippa Clone

Standard platform with basic in-built features that enables you to kickstart your project. It is very crucial to develop your product quickly with quality and cost-effective rates. NCrypted's solution enables you to do that. Stop wasting time on 3rd party script.
Revenue Model

Revenue Model

Revenue can be generated by two different ways from your Flippa Clone: advertising banners or membership plan. Our business team will help to judge which revenue model that suits your buy and sell website business so that you can go to market with confidence.
Support and Maintenance

On-going Support and Maintenance

NCrypted is your one stop solution. We assume full responsibility of not only design to development and deployment but for on-going support and maintenance after development as well.

What is Flippa Clone?

Flippa Clone by NCrypted is an innovative online marketplace script that lets you kickstart your own buy and sell websites business hassle free. It lets you develop a marketplace platform, where buyers wishing to purchase an existing website or domain can easily purchase from various sellers by bidding on their websites.

BuseweTM (Buy Sell Web) is a readymade marketplace platform for buying and selling websites that lets you launch your own marketplace website similar to Flippa at ease. As Busewe deals with auction management, admin acts as an escrow that manages the payment between the buyer and the seller.

How does Flippa Clone work?

The seller desiring to sell his/her website or domain via Busewe platform, firstly needs to pay the listing fee to the owner of the platform, then he/she needs to undergo the verification process for their website/domain and assure their ownership for the same. Later, they can set their bidding options for the buyer. The seller can also provide with the thumbnails and other basic information for the website/domain to increase its credibility and reach to the maximum potential buyers.

The buyer, desiring to own a readymade and existing website can search for it over the Flippa clone marketplace, where he/she can search through widest listings form multiple sellers. Buyer can also sort the search results and filter it on the basis of various parameters like featured listing, new listing, most active, ending soon, just sold, etc. Further, buyer can also view entire information and thumbnails for the website, and on finding a suitable one, he/she can bid on that.

When buyer and seller, both agrees on a bid mutually, they can perform the payment transactions over the secured payment gateway. Buyer and seller can also communicate privately through private message room provided in Flippa clone. To ensure, safe payment between buyer and seller, the admin acts as an escrow between them.

What is the Revenue model of Flippa Clone?

Being a marketplace platform, Flippa clone implements commission based revenue model, where the Flippa Clone owner can earn certain percentage of commission from the buyers and sellers towards the service fees for the platform. The commission applies for individual website and domain. The buyer here is eligible to pay the listing fee for various service like listing domain or website, listing screenshots, etc.

Thus, Busewe platform owner generates revenue from every website or domain that is listed and every website or domain being sold via the platform.

Moreover, Flippa clone can also be attributed to advertisement and affiliate programs that provides quick ways to generate revenue.

Sailent Features of Busewe - Flippa Clone Script

Attractive admin dashboard

Attractive Admin dashboard

Busewe is built with Attractive and user-friendly Admin Panel that lets the admin manage every modules from here read more

User Dashboard

User Dashboard

User can act here as a buyer and a seller both, so single dashboard is provided for account management read more

Auction Management

Auction Management

Being a buying and selling platform for website and domains, Busewe enables easy Auction management read more

Private Messaging System

Private Messaging System

Busewe provides secured Private Messaging System that lets buyers and sellers to communicate privately read more

User Management

User Management

Admin can manage the number of users which are associated with the websites as a buyer or as a seller read more

Website verification system

Website verification system

To avoid fraudulent actions, Busewe lets admin verify the website listed by the seller so as to make it trustworthy to user read more

CMS Management

CMS Management

Admin is provided with facility to manage the content (CMS) for entire website from the admin panel read more

Verify Ownership

Verify Ownership

The seller wishing to sell their website or domain, needs to verify their ownership read more

Listings Classification Management

Listings Classification Management

For easy fetching of bids list, all the bids are listed under different categories like new listing, most active, price range (gold, silver, bronze), ending soon, etc read more

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Busewe is all about dealing with money, so PayPal Adaptive Payments method is used to ensure secure transactions occur between the buyer and the seller read more

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Different on-page SEO technique have been implemented to ensure that website is displayed on the foremost pages of Google search read more

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

To assure that maximum amount is raised for the project, the social media is integrated with Busewe that lets crowd know about the projects read more

Customize Flippa clone script

Customize your script

Unlike other third party script vendors, we provide customization facility for all our products, scripts and apps. Be it a custom responsive design or a mobile friendly site for your startup venture; alteration of an existing feature or addition of a completely new module - we will listen to your requirements and provide relevant suggestions and solutions.

Part of the beauty of this buy and sell marketplace script by NCrypted is that it is easy to customize - now there are several reasons why this product is easily customizable:

  • Open source coding (Our Flippa clone script is coded in PHP 5, MySQL with high emphasis on JS, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, jSON - best in class - to name a few)
  • Scalable platform
  • Robust structure

500+ Startups & Companies trust us with their business

Ford Motor Company, USA Hyatt Hotels Kranzle GmbH, Germany Middlesex County College, USA Atlas Lift Tech, Inc. USA HomStays.com Vacation Rentals OYO Rooms Slumdog Millionaire RVPlusYou.com USAGreenlight Payments, Inc. (USA)Orbis Travels USA

Clients Speak

Graham Noble  

NCrypted provides stellar web design and web development services through hard work, dedication and commitment to honesty. If you are planning on engaging a premier web design company, we would suggest them.

Graham Noble - Noble Recruitment Services

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Rating: 4.5

We have the technology part covered for you

buy and sell marketplace websites & apps are complex entities and come with a lot of moving parts. Creating the digital infrastructure from scratch requires a longer turnaround time and hence becomes costly. We understand buy and sell marketplace space and our clients benefit from our domain experience and robust backend technology.


Customized solution

Customized to suit your business model

We know that a me-too Flippa clone script isn't enough to create a stir in the market.

Fast time to market

Fast time to market

Scalable architecture and our process oriented rapid development approach ensures a quick go-to-market ETA!

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Scalable technology back-end for growing demand - you will never have to redo it all over again!

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Powerful technology back-end with basic ready-made modules save time and hence overall project cost.

Big Data

Designed to handle big data

The structure is robust enough to handle large volume of transactions everyday.

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

buy and sell marketplace is in our genes! Our unparalleled domain expertise helps you to avoid common mistakes.


Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase "Flippa Clone" is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. NCrypted certifies that the entire design and code has been completely developed and built by our own team of designers and developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Flippa website. NCrypted's custom solution enables you to run a website similar to Flippa.

NCrypted is by no means associated with Flippa.

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How NCrypted delivers business value?

Our primary focus would be on understanding your requirements related to Flippa clone (buy and sell marketplace script) and providing you with technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind. We understand that a serious project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, functional, financial and emotional commitment. We want to believe in your idea as much as you do. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted can help bring your idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.
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