Lets learn about Duolingo Business Model

Duolingo Business Model

The world is a huge place with humans dominating the ecosystem and their cohabitants by their intellect and unity. The most important reason for our ascension to a civilized community is our ability to communicate with each other. We communicate with each other in many languages which have evolved to develop into tools that connect humans all over the world. Duolingo is a famous internet-based application with global acclaim that has helped people all over the world learn different languages for free. Learners can use this application to learn 35 and more languages which even include fictional languages like Klingon and High Valyrian. Here are a few insights on the questions “How does Duolingo work?” and “How does Duolingo make money?” usually associated with the Duolingo business model.

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History of Duolingo

Duolingo is an immensely popular language-learning application used by over 300 million people worldwide. The application was developed by Luis Von Ahn and his student, Severin Hacker, with the idea of helping people with translation and to learn languages. The key tenet of the Duolingo Business model was to keep their services free for people of all economic strata to utilize.

Starting in 2009, the makers of the Duolingo worked under wraps developing the application to cover a wide international market serving people all over the world. The Beta version of the application was released in 2011 where it was pitched as a translation tool rather than for the education of people. It amazed people all over the world and made them ponder about “How does Duolingo work?” and “How does Duolingo make money?”.

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The Beta version gained popularity and the Duolingo business model was backed by huge investments from Union Square Ventures and celebrity investors like Ashton Kutcher. They aimed at bypassing machine translation of languages by making it easier for humans to learn the language than rely on machines for translation. The beta version ended in 2011 and 2012 marked the opening of Duolingo services to the general public with 4 languages on board – English, Spanish, German and French.

How Does Duolingo Work?

Duolingo works by educating its users by incorporating a flashcard-based system in their learning platform. Learners are constantly reminded of their lessons and encouraged to continue in the journey by aggressive push notifications and gamification. The users are attracted to using the application by various incentives like maintaining streaks, gratifying themselves by achieving various goals, and in-app rewards.

The expansion of the Duolingo Business model to iOS and android platforms helped in providing revenue as it attracted a wide base of users for their application. Their expertise in UX development and interface designing helped them increase the usability of the application, simplifying its operations. The data collected from their applications provided them with intelligent insights guiding them in customizing their application to better equip it for its users.

How Does Duolingo Make Money?

Duolingo worked initially on enlarging its customer base attracting people to its facilities. It grew from investments and money influx from venture capitalists helping them provide free education to its users. Venture capitalists who had speculations about the potential of Duolingo had doubts such as “How does Duolingo work?” and “How does Duolingo make money?” which were dispelled by the sound strategies mapped by the company. The Duolingo business model grew in size and brought in teachers to assist students with different languages with their innovative approach.

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Duolingo attracted revenue by allowing their users to download their lessons offline in premium versions helping them develop a self-sustaining application. They also introduced small, non-intrusive advertisements in their application providing them revenue to build their facilities. Users were allowed to upgrade to an advertisement free version of the application to avoid the advertisements while they learn.

Duolingo has grown extensively and impressed entrepreneurs all around the world with its growth and engagement numbers. Their potential as a portal for education is well recognized and has motivated more users to utilize the application for their learning. Schools adopted Duolingo to their teaching methodology and the technological superiority offered by the application helped teachers track the growing capabilities of their students. The application was made free for their use as it improved its users and attracted new users to the application.

Future Prospects for Duolingo

Duolingo has shown great promise in its journey to simplifying language and education. It is versatile in its capabilities and can bifurcate into catering for translation and education services separately. It can work for B2B operations as well as for its consumer services by dividing its resources and employees, focusing on expanding their business ventures.

They also have a great scope for development in the education sector with the success of Tinycards in teaching languages. The Duolingo business model can grow to cater to other aspects of education and evolve to become a strong contender in the growing education industry. Duolingo can also organize crash courses for people traveling to new countries and regions allowing them to learn the basics of languages easily.

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Every success story is built on a unique idea nurtured with confidence and dedication, with a fair share of setbacks in the way to success. The Duolingo Business Model is an inspiration for budding ideas and earnest individuals working to create an impact in the daily lives of people. The advent of the internet has opened up various avenues for people to explore and it is the right time for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up shop. It is essential to understand the success stories of such enterprises to learn from their processes and mistakes to grow beyond the ever-increasing competition in the market.

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