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Let’s explore How Does Kahoot Make Money?

how does kahoor make moneyEdtech, a short form of the phrase “education technology”, is a blend of IT solutions and education which is made to enhance learning among the students. It makes the experience of a classroom, much more engaging, and interesting. It is a tool that brings an easy alternative to boost the learning capabilities and engage them in learning. Edtech with the essence of gaming features brings out an amazing game-based learning platform i.e., Kahoot. If you haven’t ever heard of this platform then it is normal to get into a dilemma over the thought that how is it possible to mix edtech with engaging games? So, this article is here to answer all such queries of readers. We’ll cover the Kahoot Business Model in detail and get our answers to the prime questions such as, “How does Kahoot make money?” and “How does Kahoot work?”.

Kahoot as a platform

As already mentioned, Kahoot is the combination of on-demand education solution with game-based learnings for students. Today’s edtech is not just digitizing the content of the books but also implementing advanced technology to bring a major reform in education

The games in the Kahoot platform comprise multiple-choice questions that are usually generated by teachers for their students in any institution or organization. This platform can be accessed using the Kahoot web-based platform or the Kahoot app. It is on a mission to unlock the deepest potential of learners through Kahoot games, regardless of the age or context.

Kahoot is a startup founded in 2012 by Johan Brand, Morten Versvik, Jamie Brooker in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It is a global company having offices in Oslo, Austin, London, and Palo Alto. By 2017, Kahoot successfully raised $26.5 million in Cerandum, Northzone, and Microsoft Ventures. It took just a year for Kahoot to reach the mark of $300 million. And then again, Kahoot is one of the businesses which got extremely popular in the COVID19 pandemic lockdown. Since all the classes are going online, Kahoot is an engaging and effective platform for students as well as their teachers. In 2020, the platform value $1.5 billion and further raised more capital from Northzone.

Today’s Kahoot statistics

Kahoot is a scalable cloud platform with a large market opportunity, recognized market leadership, and viral business model. Currently, the platform has 22 million-plus active accounts out of which 7 million are teachers and educators. It has 400K plus paid subscriptions growing with an approx rate of 160% YOY, including teachers and professionals. On the platform, 100 million-plus funding kahoots are existing, with over 1 billion participation players LTM with 90-100 percent net dollar retention above 100 percent for the larger organizations. The company mentions that 97 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are Kahoot!’ 100 million-plus funding kahoots are existing.

Kahoot Business Model

Now, you will easily get your answer to – “How does Kahoot works?” while understanding the Kahoot business model in detail.

Kahoot, in the beginning, was a free service but now it has turned into a freemium business model. It offers free as well as paid plans designed for students in the classroom- be it in-person classes or virtual ones- or at home for self-study. Kahoots was originally designed to empower children, students, and employees, unlock their full potential through learning. Here are the major tools and plans that the platform offers to its users:

Kahoot for schools

This particular plan is for students and teachers to make learning and teaching easy and engaging. The features of this plan are:

  1. Teachers assess prior knowledge, introduce new topics and students can preview the content
  2. Content is easily accessible according to the topics which it easier for students to prepare for their tests.
  3. Teachers can easily hold online classes live by connecting the Kahoot platform with Video conferencing Software such as Google meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams and send them quiz games during the class from the comfort of home.
  4. Kahoot platform allows users/ especially teachers to create slides and combine them with various questions available to hold an interactive class.
  5. Students can easily replay Kahoot games to improve their mistakes and recall the content.
  6. Teachers can gain game reports from the platform to analyze the progress of the class.
  7. The platform gives the facility of poll questions to get learner’s opinions and teachers can check their topic understanding.
  8. There is an option to turn off the quiz timer by the creator so that the class can play anytime during the class or after the class.
  9. Students can also create their own Kahoots which will help them in gaining in-depth understanding regarding the topics taught during the classes.
  10. Playing Kahoot in team mode encourages collaboration, teamwork, and communication among the students which helps in the development of their professional and social skills.
  11. Colleagues can be taught in a PD session.

Kahoot at work

Today’s business employees have to be productive and update up to date. Kahoot provides a platform where several companies can engage and create interactive kahoots and learn while answering them. They can even deliver presentations, training sessions, host meetings using a video conferencing platform using Google hangout and Zoom. Here are a few of its features:

  1. Employees or companies can host interactive sessions, meetings, presentations, virtual events.
  2. Kahoot can be easily connected to any video conferencing platform.
  3. Companies or employees can track progress and other detailed reports through the platform.
  4. Kahoot allows remote teams to connect through social learning which is a vital part of building s strong company culture.
  5. Events can be easily hosted through the platform with the additional features of presentation and analytics.

Kahoot Academy

Kahoot Academy is a very unique feature of the platform. It is a knowledge platform consisting of an online community of educators where they can access information, share their own content, build a profile, and join other communities as per their interest in subjects.

This community platform allows teachers, parents, and students to get access to high-quality and verified education content from verified educators for free. This platform has been introduced recently so, more and more development is going on to enhance this platform as well as the opportunities for educators. It is an effective place for educators to connect, share, and explore various other study materials.

Kahoot for Study at home

This is the special feature available for students where they get a platform to study together with friends from the comfort of home. To use this feature, one needs to create a league and choose kahoots that one wants to be added while competing with friends. The invitation of the league can then be sent to 100 friends. Now, the group can easily study and compete with each other, score medals, and see leadership. Since Kahoot is a verified learning app, parents also trust the platform for their kids’ self-study at home.

Children’s learning at home using Kahoot

Kahoot has made children’s learning at home an engaging task with the new and emerging game-based learning program. On buying the Kahoot!+ Family and premier, users get unlimited access to various award-winning learning apps such as Dragonbox and Poio. Along with all these, users can create their own bitmoji on the app just like Snapchat which makes studies and leaderboards much more fun and engaging.

Who are Kahoot’s investors

According to the investor details published, Kahoot is funded by a total of 9 number investors out of which, 3 are its leading investors including, SoftBank, Northzone, and Datum AS. It has raised total funding of $363.9 Million in 9 funding rounds.

The total Kahoot investors include Stefan Blom, Softbank, Northzone, Disney Accelerator, Datum AS, Microsoft, Creandum, and M12. The most recent investors at Kahoot are, Stefan Blom and Softbank.

Talking about the acquisitions, Kahoot has acquired 7 organizations until now. The most recent acquisition was Clever which the company acquired for $550M.

How does Kahoot work?

The most unique feature of this app is that it’s a platform where the user can decide the content. Users can either choose one of the millions of free public apps available on the platform and start game-based learning or create some content from scratch. Kahoot can be used by students of any age, at home, work, or school, to study any subject on any available device- and the players don’t even need to register their account on the platform.

How does Kahoot work for teachers?

At the most simple words, Kahoot offers questions and then optional choice answers. This task can be easily completed using rich and engaging media such as images and videos. Kahoot is not just used in the classroom, but it is ideal for remote learning too. It is the best alternative for teachers to set a quiz and check out the students’ scores easily. They can also carry out quizzes using video conferencing via Zoom, Meet, or Microsoft Teams. The quiz is timer-based but teachers can also choose to turn it off as some complex tasks require research time.

To get started with Kahoot, the user needs to sign up for a free account at After signing up, the user has to tap on the “Teacher” option followed by the institution details and higher education details. Once done with this, users can get started as a teacher and make their own quiz or use from the kahoots that are already created.

How to play at Kahoot?

Kahoot games are more fun when played in groups, like a group of students, a conference room, or a family. Games are either displayed on the shared screen- a laptop, TV, or interactive whiteboard. Screen sharing tools such as Google hangouts, Skype, or Microsoft Teams can be used to include players from other classes or other parts of the world. To play a game in Kahoot, players can easily join the platform using their own device- a laptop, smartphone, desktop, etc.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Find any game on Kahoot to play.
  2. Launch a game so players can join. On launching a unique game PIN will be displayed. Other players can easily join the same game through that game PIN.
  3. Click “Start” and play the game.

How to make your own Kahoot?

You have the option either to choose a Kahoot game from the millions of publicly available kahoots or share the one created by you. It is very easy to create your own Kahoot game on the platform. Here the steps to be followed to make your own game on Kahoot:

  1. Create your account in Kahoot.
  2. Log in to kahoot and click on Quiz, Discussion, and Survey option to create a fin and engaging Kahoot game on your own in minutes.
  3. Add an appropriate title, description, and image to define the learning objectives of the game, before uploading. Use hashtags so that people can easily find them when in need. Adding a great and relatable cover image makes your Kahoot stand out and attracts more people.
  4. Add questions, answers, images, and videos. You can also change the timer and settings of multiple correct answers.

What are the best characteristics of Kahoot?

Let’s discuss some of the best characteristics of Kahoot and complete our case study on- “How does Kahoot work?”.

  1. Ghost: The ghost is one of the great features that allow students to play against their previous high scores, to improve the performance and learning capabilities.
  2. Analysis: The platform gives a deep analysis of the student’s scores to the teacher who creates the quiz for his/her classroom or the organizational head who creates kahoots for business employees. It helps the teacher or the creator of the quiz to get the analysis of the students’ understanding and see which student has struggled in which topic.
  3. Created kahoots: One can take advantage of the already created quizzes by other creators and save time. Also, one can easily combine multiple kahoots and produce an ultimate quiz for the students.
  4. Media integration: Images and videos from youtube can be very easily integrated into the platform. This is a great way to make students learn and test skills along the way. Knowing that questions are going to be asked after the video, students watch the video till the end with immense concentration.

How does Kahoot make money?

Kahoot, a game-based educational platform makes its revenue through mainly three revenue streams. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  1. Kahoot Plus: Kahoot Plus is the subscription model that was launched in October 2017. It is the premium version of Kahoot which is made especially for corporate teams and their learnings. Today, businesses understand the importance of corporate training that’s the reason they are frequently looking for such platforms that help them with this issue. Hiring a trainer costs the companies quite high and then most of the time the employees complain that the sessions were unengaging or not productive. So, this premium version is available at a discounted rate of $9.95 per month with an unlimited number of participants if signing up for the annual subscription. For a monthly subscription, it costs $14.95 per month. A free trial is also offered in both of these plans.
  2. Kahoot Pro: In the pro version, Kahoot includes all the premium features of Kahoot plus and some extras. This subscription model was launched in February 2018. It basically provides a platform for businesses to promote their products and services. Kahoot pro is available for a special initial period of $199 per year.

Its features are:

  • Employees can play kahoots with other company members.
  • Kahoot provides a dedicated customer success manager to answer any product questions.
  • The company’s branding logos can appear after each of the questions and games.
  • Visual reports are easily accessible on the platform.
  • Challenges can be assigned to the trainees so that they can play them on their mobile phones and complete the training in their comfort zone- anytime & anywhere.
  • Team collaborations in Kahoot games are available in this subscription.
  • New games can be created and shared in the company’s own private space.
  1. Add revenue: Kahoot makes some of the revenue through the ads that come up in the free version.

A business proposition like Kahoot

It is clearly visible that Kahoot is experiencing a strong surge in its business as organizations are increasingly seeking engaging, trustworthy, and user-friendly ways to build corporate culture, enhance team skills, and interact. In the same way, educational institutions are also looking for such platforms that help them in enhancing ways of teaching and engaging students in learning that too “virtually” because virtual interaction is the new normal now. Online education is also witnessing a drastic surge because of the pandemic now so as to curtail the spread of COVID19 by replacing physical classroom teachings.

If you are willing to launch a game-based learning service platform similar to Kahoot(Kahoot clone), NCrypted Technologies has the right solution developed by our talent pool. We offer customized and innovative features as per your requirement to let you launch a successful game-based learning platform.

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