Let’s Have Lucrative Understanding About What Is Up With Waze To Know ‘How Does Waze Work?’

How does Waze Work

The world is a very busy place with people scurrying from one place to another, running between their jobs and personal lives all the time. The increase in population and the affordability of automobile vehicles has led to the onset of heavy traffic in cities with people waiting for hours and hours during their commute. Various mobile applications have been developed to deal with the traffic and find the shortest route to their destinations within the least amount of time. Waze is one such application that has revolutionized GPS tracking with its innovative features that have attracted loads of people to its customer base. Here are a few insights on the commonly asked question regarding Waze which are, “How does Waze work?” and “How does Waze make money”.

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Modus Operandi of Waze

Waze is a GPS tracking application that allows people to commute from one place to another by providing them with different routes to travel based on the traffic and the concentration of vehicles along the same route. It is a community-based navigation application that offers its basic services to its customers for free with different in-app purchases. The GPS information of the people who commute is stored in the online interface in the application which processes the locations and the traffic amounts in these locations to give routes of least traffic to the patients. Waze helps you find your co-workers, friends, and other people who travel on the same route and find suitable timings to carpool with them. It does not restrict its services only to the provision of travel routes but also goes on to suggest interesting places en route to your destination enriching your travel experience. This helps its users identify good restaurants, fuel stations, and various other places of travel assistance and entertainment attracting new users to try it out. Now that we have answered the question “How Does Waze work?”, let’s go on to the answer behind the question of “How does Waze make money?”.

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How Does Waze Make Money?

Waze was introduced to contribute to the good of all and help people figure out easy transport routes. Google acquired Waze in 2013 for around $ 969 million making people all around the wonder “How Does Waze Make Money”. This purchase was mainly motivated by the growing popularity of Waze and the huge advertising potential it had. Owners in the localities used Waze to market their services and outlets, attracting new customers to their outlets, improving their business. Waze also made money with investments from the various companies who believed in the working concept behind Waze. Many investors initially wondered about its efficiency and pondered over questions like “How does Waze work?” and “ How does Waze make Money” but were convinced of its capabilities after seeing its performance.

Users are allowed to carpool with their friends and other people which also serves as a source of income for sustaining the costs of the application. Waze works with regular car drives for their carpools and recruits them only after background verification. The application has worked out several interesting measures taken to ensure it produces a gradual flow of income such as:

  • Route Based Outlet Marketing

Waze helps owners of local business outlets work with a mutually profiting arrangement as it displays and markets restaurants and shops to its users who travel along the routes. These shops and outlets are visible as small pins that occur on the maps leading interested users to these locations and also attracting new customers to the application.

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The application also brings up information popups when the car pulls up at signals or for some other reason, providing them information regarding shops, fuel stations etc en route. These digital billboards that pop up when vehicles come to a standstill disappear in three seconds after they pop out.

  • Waze Carpooling

Waze calculates the distance between the initial point and final destination and modifies the rates, cutting them down carpooling passengers. It fixes a minimum base price for all carpooling customers after the fares are calculated based on the distance travelled. The riders may often get subsidies and discounts reducing the amount of money they have to pay to the app. The rates are fixed as soon as the online booking is done allowing the driver to let as many riders board as he or she wishes within the limits of carpooling. Riders are charged 54 cents per mile during their rides with Waze Carpooling.


Technology and innovation are two pillars of our foundation for growth and development helping simplify our lives and routine work processes. New advancements in different fields help us reduce the amount of time and resources expended in completing different tasks. Waze is one such application that has greatly simplified commutes from one place to another with its GPS tracking technology mapping out routes of least traffic for users. People wondering “How does Waze work?” and “How does Waze make money?” soon realized its potential, understanding the ability of such applications to attract people and become viral within very short periods. We need to equip ourselves with such innovative solutions to simplify our lives and enjoy peace and happiness.

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If you’re willing to start your own online navigation platform similar to Waze– you should go with Waze Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own online navigation platform business.

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