How Does Wimdu Work & Make Money?

How does Wimdu work?

Wimdu is an online website for booking lodging. The company aids the accommodation needs of travelers. It is powered by HomeToGo. Wimdu was sold to 9flats in 2016 and is currently owned by Platinum Equity. The website hosts listings from several providers. Airbnb, Vrbo, and are some of the renowned names from the 600 providers whose listings are posted on the site.

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The company had started as an online marketplace, which helped its users to rent out lodging accommodations such as vacation rentals, homestays, apartment rentals, and several others. The company does not own any property but acts as a broker. Both the real-estate owners and the users trying to find accommodation options benefit from the business. Wimdu acts as the bridge between the gap created by the adversity of the properties. Wimdu is also very helpful for the user during vacations since finding homestays at reasonable rates can be a deal that users look for all the time. These deals can be widely used by students, families, couples, and various other groups.

To build a business like Wimdu, it is essential to understand how does Wimdu work and how does Wimdu make money. This is important so that you can map your business and revenue model with ease. All of it is discussed in detail below

How does Wimdu Work?

Here, we’ll understand how does Wimdu work. To dig deeper into the Wimdu business model, we will have to focus more on the stakeholders that are involved. It is essential to see how does Wimdu work for these stakeholders separately how do these factors contribute to the Wimdu business model as a whole.

The primary stakeholders in the Wimdu business model are the users and the hosts of real-estate properties. Let’s look into them respectively

How Does Wimdu work for Users?

The users of the website are the primary stakeholders to look into while understanding how does Wimdu work? The users bring the most business to the company, which makes them the most crucial element to understand. Here is how does Wimdu work for the users.

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The users need to follow the steps given below to book accommodation on Wimdu

Step 1: Register on the website

All the users need to register on the site before going further. They need to make an account and add some personal details for themselves. These details are confidential and are shared with the host only on the permission of the user. The details are only required to verify the accounts and maintain authenticity on the website

Step 2: Browse through the Listings

Once the account is created, the user can browse through the millions of listings available on the portal. This can be made more comfortable with the ‘Filters’ option which helps the users to apply filters according to the area they want accommodation in, the kind of stay they are looking for, and the price range they have in mind. The website helps them to shortlist the stays based on their preferences.

Step 3: Check prices and availability

Once the users look for the listings that they like, they can check the availability of the property on the dates that they are looking for. They can also check the prices of these properties. This step can also be avoided with the help of filters. The users should also keep in mind that the prices can vary based on the dates, so if they are planning a vacation and are flexible with the times, they can check prices accordingly.

Step 4: Ratings and Review

All the properties on Wimdu have ratings and reviews by the previous users who have stayed there. One should always check the ratings and reviews before they confirm a booking. This can be very useful in case the listing is made very creatively, but the services are not up to the mark. Doing this will help the users to make the most of the price they will pay for this listing.

Step 5: Request Booking

On Wimdu, the users need to request a booking of the listing they are interested in. Once they have asked for the booking on a particular date. The host then approves the reservation and then the user can move ahead in the process and pay for the same. This step usually does not take very long since several properties set the acceptance as automatic according to the availability of the property.

Step 6: Checkout!

Once the booking is approved, the users then need to pay for the same. This can be easily by online payment options available on the website. There are several options available making it easier for the users to pay for their bookings

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This is how does Wimdu work for their users and the steps to use the website effectively. Wimdu can be a boon for people who often travel for business trips or family vacations. Now let’s understand how does Wimdu work for the hosts next

How Does Wimdu work for the Hosts?

Hosts are the next most crucial stakeholder in the Wimdu business model. Hosts are the owners or the managers of the real estate properties registered on Wimdu. There are several factors involved for the hosts on how does Wimdu work for them.

Here are some of the steps which if followed, can bring maximum profits for the hosts:

Step 1: Create a profile

All the hosts coming to the platform need to make a profile on the website. This profile will contain the listing of the property and other details of the same. These details can include availability, prices, full address, benefits, amenities available, add-ons for the users, and more. The more detailed the listing, the more likely it is to stand out on the website

Step 2: Wait

Once the listing is created, Wimdu advices the hosts to wait for it to be discovered by the users on the site. The host can keep adding details and can pay to the company for their listing to be pushed on the website. The company offers several special packages for the hosts to make the most of the platform

Step 3: Answer Queries

The users may contact the host to ask questions that they might have for the property. The hosts are advised to have a good conversation with the users and encourage them to confirm the booking. A polite discussion can go a long way

Step 4: Confirm Requests

The hosts get booking requests for their property. This request can come after brief conservation or directly via the website. The faster a host confirms the claims the more likely it is for the users to verify their bookings

Step 5: Host the Guests

After the booking is confirmed, the hosts can welcome the guests and make sure that they have the best time in their service. This will undoubtedly influence the way the guests promote the listing among their friends and family. These recommendations go a long way for the property and their business

Step 6: Get Reviews

All the hosts are advised by Wimdu to get reviews and ratings on the websites from the guests that they host. Good reviews and ratings push the listing automatically on the portal. The hosts should make an effort to get the best reviews from their guests.

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This is how does Wimdu work for the hosts on the website. The hosts are highly benefited from the platform, both in the form of popularity and revenue.

How Does Wimdu Make Money?

Several revenue streams contribute to the Wimdu revenue model. Here are some of the ways to understand how does Wimdu make money:

  1. Service Charge from Guests: Wimdu charges a certain amount as service charges from the guests who use the platform. This fee is charged for the service that the company provides to its customers and the convenience provided
  2. Commission from Hosts: A certain percentage of each booking goes to the company as taxes and commission. This is charged from the hosts for bringing them the exposure of millions of potential customers and boosting their revenue
  3. Packages for Hosts: Wimdu provides several packages for the hosts, which include several additional features for their listing. This also includes increasing the listing on the portal to get more customers
  4. Advertisements: Advertisements are an essential part of the Wimdu revenue model. The company hosts several ads which bring in revenue for their company

This is how does Wimdu make money from the variety of sources available for them. The Wimdu revenue model is essential to understand while planning to build a business similar to it. The website and the mobile app are the primary sources that bring in the guests and hosts; therefore, you need to hire the best developers to create your website and mobile app. Make sure that you own the source code and find the developers which help you make a website that stands out among the various competitors in the market.

Wimdu Business Model Canvas

Wimdu Business Model

How to Launch Your Own Business Similar to Wimdu?

If you’re willing to start your own online service – you should go with Wimdu Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own online services.

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