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Deliveroo Business Model And Its Augmented Reality In Delivery Industry

deliveroo business model

Internet-based applications and smartphones have transformed our lives simplifying everything for us. All necessary commodities can be ordered online to be delivered to our homes ranging from household items to high-tech equipment. Food delivery systems have grown exponentially creating a transition in people from visiting restaurants to enjoying food in the comfort of their homes. Deliveroo is one such food delivery app that has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies.

Here are a few insights on the Deliveroo Business model and how does Deliveroo makes money?

Deliveroo -The Initiation

Deliveroo was founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski to meet the inadequacy or absence of delivery systems in good restaurants. They found that the restaurants were not capable of arranging manpower to deliver their food and sustain their business with added costs for incorporating delivery systems. They overcame this obstacle by collaborating with local drivers to employ them on a contractual basis to deliver the food from the restaurants to their customers. Deliveroo does not cook the food delivered to the customers but just delivers the food prepared from different restaurants to the customers. The drivers were also interested to work for delivery due to their flexible nature of the work allowing them to work other jobs along with food delivery.

Rapid Expansion and Outreach

Will Shu and Greg Orlowski aimed at eliminating the idea of cooking food at home by providing people access to different cuisines from the best restaurants within short durations of time. They incorporated efficient algorithms and processing in their systems to make their systems more efficient. They modified the Deliveroo business model to ensure maximize the yields for the restaurants and the drivers while minimizing the delivery time to users.

How Does Deliveroo Make Money?

Deliveroo makes money from commissions on each order mediated through its application. They levy delivery charges on the customers and collect a commission from partner restaurants which usually comes up to 10-20% per every order. Here are a few significant measures that have propelled the revenues:

  • Brand Promotion and Support: The restaurants are continuously promoted through Deliveroo channels and various growth programs. The restaurants and partner catering systems are thoroughly evaluated to analyze their performance and monitor the business flow.
  • Technology: They developed completely automated working systems with an easy-to-use interface. The integration of Deliveroo networking systems and the orders received by the restaurants i.e., the Point of Sales systems led to the simplification of communication between the customers and restaurants.
  • Growth: Deliveroo also incorporated the Editions program into their conventional systems in which they helped new restaurants set up in new localities. They provide complete support to these outlets keeping in mind the insights received about the attitude and the food interests of the people in the localities. This helped them produce higher revenue and also the growth of new restaurants in prime locations.

Deliveroo Business Model

The users are provided with a wide variety of restaurants serving different cuisines of food throughout the day. They can choose the food of their liking and order it through the application which is relayed to the corresponding restaurant. The restaurant prepares the dishes and parcels them to the customer through the delivery agents employed by Deliveroo to ensure that the food reaches the customer safely and within time.

The in-depth market research and analysis performed by Deliveroo has led to the development of an easy to access food delivery platform that is easy to access for all the parties involved. Payment for the food is accepted from a variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc reducing the amount of time spent on ordering food making the process easy for customers. Here are a few strengths of the Deliveroo Business Model:

  • Ease of Use: Deliveroo has greatly simplified the process of food ordering and delivery to people. The great range of restaurants accessible from Deliveroo promises a hearty meal of the best quality for everyone in the comfort of their homes.
  • Affordability: Deliveroo has diversified the concept of fine dining by providing access to world-class cuisines at affordable rates for everyone without any compromise in the quality and dining experience.
  • Punctuality: The focus of the company to deliver food within a short duration of time has led to the incorporation of powerful software and algorithms to identify the most efficient way to deliver food to customers. This measure has found success with the company reporting a 20% increase in their delivery efficiency with the software empowering their systems.

Deliveroo is a fast-growing company that has shown remarkable progress within a very short period. The huge amount of expansion they have achieved to spread to over 11 countries and link up with the restaurants in different localities speaks volumes about their ability and passion to grow their businesses. Their ability to collaborate with the delivery of people and restaurants to serve the best quality of food to their users while maximizing the returns and efficiency of everyone involved is a significant reason behind their meteoric rise. They have faced their fair share of obstacles and issues during their uprisal which they have faced and overcome with great zeal and passion. The Deliveroo business model is a great example of how passionate and confident pursuing ideas can bring about huge victories.

How to Launch Your Own Business Similar to Deliveroo?

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