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A Lucrative Visualization on How does Easy Taxi Work?

how does easy taxi work

Easy Taxi is a taxi booking mobile app that makes public transport easier for the general public. The company aims to bridge the gap between comfort and affordable public transport. Easy taxi was founded by Tallis Gomes and Daniel Cohen in 2011. Gomes and Cohen feel the inception of the start-up was catalyzed by the inefficiency of the taxi services they experienced in Rio De Janeiro when they were there for one of the many startups events they had attended. This experience was when the founders felt they should invest in building a more convenient transport solution.

Easy Taxi is a Taxi Booking Application that lets you book cabs in real-time or even makes a reservation. It is available in more than 30 countries and has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The app also allows you to track your taxi real-time and informs you of the time it will take to reach you. These features help the users to have a pleasant commute experience. The company has millions of users now and is expanding globally.

Here in this article we will try and understand the various business aspects of an easy taxi that one should know before establishing a business-like easy taxi. Some of the major questions answered here include how does easy taxi work for both passengers and the drivers? How does an easy taxi make money? What is the easy taxi business model? And several others.

How does easy taxi work?

To initiate our understanding of the business, let’s first see how does easy taxi work? The passengers and the drivers are the two most important stakeholders of the business so it is very important to understand how does easy taxi work for both parties. This is essential because the company needs to give both the stakeholders the best experiences to build loyalty.

How does Easy Taxi Work for Passengers?

Since this solution was built for customers in the first place it is important to give the passengers a flawless digital experience to build customer loyalty. Here are some steps to understand how does easy taxi work for passengers.

Step 1: Register

For a smooth experience, the easy taxi mobile app or website prompts you to create an account so that the website and services are customized as per your likes and needs. It also helps because with your account you don’t need to add your details again and again for each ride.

Step 2: Browse

Once the account is created the user can browse through the car options they need. There are several options that the user can choose based on the number of people traveling and the luggage carried

Step 3: Pick Location

With the option set in, the user can then pick their location where they want to go. This location will help them to find cab drivers around them and the nearest cabs get their requests.

Once the cab driver accepts a ride request, the passenger is all set to wait for the driver and reach their destination as soon as possible. These are a few steps which help us describe how does easy taxi work for passengers.

How Does Easy Taxi Work for Drivers?

Drivers keep the business running and they are very important stakeholders in the business model. The drivers use a different mobile app so it is important for the company to maintain it as much as the consumer app. Here is how does easy taxi work for drivers

Step 1: Get Verified

All the drivers have to create an account. Once the registration is done drivers are asked to enter details and documents related to their vehicle and licensure. This is important because the company ensures verified drivers and a comfortable experience.

Step 2: Accept Bookings

Once the verification is done, the driver account is live. Now the drivers start getting ride requests. The drivers can accept or reject the requests based on their availability and current bookings. Drivers also have the provision to switch off their account from time to time to not get requests during that time.

Step 3: Drive Away

After accepting the ride request, the drivers are supposed to receive the passengers and drop them. This is essential because the experience passengers have during this time is very important for the company

Step 4: Collect your Shares

After the ride is concluded, the driver gets their share for the ride and are now available for more ride requests.

This section helps us to understand how does easy taxi work for drivers. Having the app and being associated with the company helps the drivers to get more rides because it increases their visibility. The company brings them more business which in turn helps the company to build a trustworthy fleet of cars to serve their passengers.

Easy Taxi business model

Business models are a great way to understand the internal mechanisms of any business. The Easy Taxi business model is a great insight into the various aspects of the business which make the foundation of a cab sharing business. In this section, we will see the most important aspects of the Easy Taxi business model.

Key Activities

Key activities explain to us in detail, how does easy taxi work in order to be as successful as they are today. It actually justifies talks about the several major activities that a ride-sharing business should be doing consistently to stay afloat and thrive. Some of these key activities are:

  1. Taxi Driver Acquisition – It is obvious that the more drivers the company has, the bigger the business because they will be able to cater to more passengers. Hence, driver acquisition makes up for a big part of the business operations
  2. Taxi Monitoring – The taxis used by the drivers need to be in their best conditions because the customer’s experience in them will have a major impact on their loyalty to the brand. This is an essential aspect for the company to look into.
  3. Driver’s Background Check – Customer’s security and safety has to be the company’s priority. Doing background checks on all the drivers is important so that the ‘verified’ drivers can be trusted by the customers and there are fewer criminal instances that might taint the brand name.
  4. Marketing – last but not least, marketing is very important. While Easy Taxi has competitors like Cabify, Uber, and others, it is important that they market themselves in the best ways possible to be the customer’s first choice. Marketing helps in both customer acquisition and customer retention.

Other than all of these activities, processes like platform development, customer support, handling grievances is also very essential to keep the business running smoothly.

Customer Segment

Every company has different segments of customers they can cater to. Since all these segments will have different requirements, it will help the company to grow and widen their revenue model. Here are the customer segments of Easy taxi:

  1. Passengers – the first and the obvious customers are the passengers because they make up for a huge percentage of the customers served by the company.
  2. Drivers – officially drivers also make up for a customer segment because their requirement is a platform to showcase their services for which they pay in commissions
  3. Corporate Companies – several companies look after their employees’ commute to and from the office. Ride sharing services can always look after these requirements and deal with companies of any size. This is a very lucrative customer segment because these are B2B deals.

All these customer segments have different needs but all of these can be delivered by the company. The wider the customer segment the wider are the revenue streams which is beneficial for the company.

How does Easy Taxi make money?

Once we have understood the various customer segments it is time to dive into how does easy taxi make money. The profits and the revenue generated are probably the most important and interesting part when it comes to starting a new business. Here are the revenue streams that the company has built over time.

Service Charges

Passengers pay services charges on every ride which goes directly to the company. These charges are levied by the company for bridging the gap between the passengers and the drivers and providing convenience.


Drivers pay commissions to the company for every ride they complete via the easy taxi mobile application. As mentioned above, these charges are because the company bridges the gap and gives extended visibility to the services provided by the driver.

Corporate Deals

Easy Taxi engages in several corporate deals where they try to cater to the commute needs of a corporate company. These deals make-up for a major portion of the revenue generated. Ride sharing companies can explore these deals to widen their revenue streams.

Things to keep in mind for the best digital experience

Easy Taxi is the digital platform that bridges the gap between drivers and passengers. Therefore, it is essential for the company to make sure that the users get an optimum digital experience. The company needs to keep the following factors in mind for providing a high-end digital experience to its users:

  1. Easy Navigation – the website and the mobile app need to be easily navigated. The user should not find it hard to figure out the process because that will lose their attention
  2. Call to Action – both the digital platforms should have easily visible buttons for the users to book cabs. It is essential to keep in mind that the users might be in a hurry and get frustrated
  3. Wise Options – it is always tricky to decide whether a company should provide its users with endless options or limit their variety. It is always advisable to have a few options but not too many so that the user still feels in control but is not very confused every time they use the app
  4. Website Capacity – the mobile app or website should not crash a lot when the users are operating it because that might just delay the process of booking cabs resulting in loss of potential clients
  5. Colors – the color palette used on the website or the app has an influence on the user’s decision making. It is important to not use weird combinations and have pleasing animation but not too many.

These are a few things a company can keep in mind while building a viable online presence.

How to Launch Your Own Business Similar to Taxi Booking Apps?

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