NCrypted Web & Apps launches eloquent B2B trading marketplace software – TradeMart


NCrypted Web & Apps has always kept innovating with the disruptive technologies and trends and pioneered some of the best ready-made platforms/software serving niche business industries like Travel and Accommodations, FinTech, eCommerce, Career and Jobs, Social Media and many more. Time and again, we have engineered a new B2B Trading Software – TradeMart, serving the businesses of marketplace Industry. Let’s brief you about what TradeMart is all about.

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B2B Trading Software – TradeMart


TradeMart is an exemplary B2B trading eCommerce marketplace software built by NCrypted Web & Apps to serve in the business-to-business marketplace industry. It has been built upon the successful business model of Alibaba, which is world’s leading B2B marketplace platform. Now you must be having a quest as to:-

Why there is more need for such B2B Trading, eCommerce Marketplace platforms?

The businesses today have taken a new swipe in the market by taking it to the international level. The manufacturers, wholesalers, brand merchants, the small and medium enterprises are looking for fresh opportunities to get the business leads by exhibiting their products and services over B2B eCommerce marketplaces. Such platforms enable them to conduct trading with the international buyers. With this requirement, there has been new demand for some diverse B2B trading marketplace platform. And, to serve this need, we have exclusively built TradeMart for all those upcoming startups, entrepreneurs and the business owners, thinking to start their own B2B trading marketplace similar to Alibaba, TradeKey, TradeAsia, IndiaMart, etc.

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How is TradeMart the ultimate solution for your B2B business dream idea?

TradeMart implements the basic facility of providing the middleman services between the buyers and the suppliers to accomplish the trade deals. To facilitate this service, TradeMart is bestowed with all the premier features essential in any business-to-business trading marketplace like:

  • Search products
  • Search sellers
  • Search buying requirements
  • Post new buying requirements
  • Request for quotations
  • Send quotations (suppliers)
  • Contact buyer and supplier and much more

Looking towards the TradeMart’s administrative end, the admin can manage various modules like:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Products management
  • Categories and sub-categories management
  • Location management
  • Manage buying requirements
  • Slideshow managements

You can get quick access all the supported features of TradeMart right here.

On the technical aspect, this B2B Marketplace script is built with powerful technologies like PHP 5 and MySQL. Being coded in an open source, it is highly scalable to implement all the custom requirements of your business. Besides, a high emphasis has also been given to other important languages like JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery and jSON to provide the best of the software. It has a very user-friendly GUI that is usable to any novice user. Besides it has been crafted with the Responsive design for optimal visualisation and smooth user interaction.

How to make money using TradeMart?

TradeMart implements unique revenue model, where you being the owner of the platform can generate the revenue in the form of subscription fee from the suppliers towards using the premium services of the B2B trading marketplace platform. The supplier can avail premium services to get their product featured exclusively on the website, to outreach its visibility over large buyer base.

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How can I check out the complete Demo of TradeMart?

To check out the complete functioning demo of TradeMart version 1.0 click here.

So, if you are the next upcoming business leader, aspiring to growth hack in the B2B Trading Business and willing to start your own B2B Trading Marketplace platform, connect with us at and confer your requirements. Let’s get in touch to see how TradeMart can bring your business ideas to life.

How NCrypted delivers business value?

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