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Sometimes you feel that you are not getting what exactly you want to achieve. Sometimes because of lagging behind in technologies and sometimes because of not reaching out a global market. So we are here to connect the bridge between your customers and you. We will give you many ways to perfectly supply according to your user’s demand in today’s fast, challenging and competitive world. We develop to meet the macro-level and micro-level delivery requirements of your industry. Now many students are going for an online course. Across the globe, online On-Demand educational courses, many training programs, seminars, lessons, and subscriptions are inspiring enterprises to build on-demand tutor services app and platforms. Often, tutors based in the same location can allot slot to the students, or the other option is that they can teach them online. This has helped freelancers and other tutors to invest in on-demand tutor app development and platforms.

On Demand Tutor from NCrypted Website is one of the Best Mobile App Script available in the market. Our on demand tutor app is available with all the required features to run a real-time On Demand business.

What is On Demand Tutor?

  • On Demand Tutor is a Service Application that enables tutors and students to meet up On Demand now or later. With this Mobile Application, tutors are easy to find and book now.
  • On Demand Tutor eliminates the redundant conversation of money and fees between students and tutor or the education company who provides tutors.
  • Some basic plus customized features can be added to our on demand tutor app as per your requirements. Some of the basics features are given below.
  • Sign Up: The easy registration process is there with a sign-up button for students and tutors.
  • Schedule: Once registered, users can browse through the registered tutors and program or avail the service of the tutors.
  • Map/Search: Students can see all the available tutors around them and book them.
  • Post: This feature helps the student to just post about the requirements and let the tutors contact them.
  • Built-In Message: This feature helps the students and tutors to communicate.
  • Book a Tutor: This is to book a tutor in a few taps by students.
  • Payment: Users can make online payment through integrated mobile wallets and card before or after availing a service.
  • Rate and Reviews: After the tutors programmed has been availed, users can leave their feedback with the rate and review option.
  • Notification: Students will be notified about the upcoming courses, program prices, tutor availability, and schedule.
  • Efficient Analytics: Our on demand tutor app provides this feature to accumulate data over a specific period offers an understanding of the students and market trends, thus enhancing the supply.

Why On Demand Tutor from NCrypted Websites Only?

As there are many choices you have, why to choose NCrypted Websites for your on demand tutor app development? Here you have many reasons to with NCrypted Websites only.

Custom On Demand Tutor App Development: Developing Custom Mobile Application that integrates with the enterprise applications and stands apart from the thousand other apps in the market.
After Development Support and Maintenance: Offering continues to support and maintenance for any issue after the delivery of the application.
Cost Effective: We offer you On Demand Tutor App at the very reasonable and competitive price with all the features you need.
Skilled Team: The team of developers and designers at the company fuse expertise and experience in developing Mobile Application
Transparency: Clients can directly communicate with our team of experts in a more transparent manner. Thus efficiency gets increased automatically and everything will be done in a timely manner.
Work on Proven Methodologies: The way of work at NCrypted Websites is to concentrate on proven and predefined methodologies, thus minimizing the chances of errors or delays.

If you are a business segment, daring start-up or private client then you are most welcome to NCrypted Websites for your business requirements. Your needs will be perfectly taken care of by our expert’s team. To meet your business needs, we develop fast with accuracy. You will surely move ahead of your competitors by collaborating with us as creative ideas and constant development is our identity. As you are provided with close collaboration with the developing team, your needs will result in a great technical solution.

Custom Solutions that you need for your startup`

Custom Solutions that you need for your startup`

Your customer app will be focusing on requirements involving all the factors like destination, location, time of arrival, payment etc

Service Provider

The cardinal aspect of service provider's app is concerned with navigation details, customer details, summary, etc.


We apply analytics to amend, express and envision the business performance that includes lot of factors.


The on demand progress report shows data related to productivity and permits the report to be perpetually updated.

Tutor on Demand App Development Graphical Flow

Tutor on Demand App Development (Student)

Once the user is logged in as Student he/she will be able to Find the services from the left hand side screen and then upon selecting any one service category , user will be able to select the sub category from the next screen on right hand side and then will be redirected to search result page of the Tutors , in order to find the Tutor for the selected service category and sub category

Tutor on Demand app Home Screen (Student)
  • Users will also be able to select the sub category according to selected category
  • User will be able to select the category from the list of service categories
  • User can select any one sub category and will be shown the services and taskers available in it
Tutor on Demand app Home Screen (Student)

Sub category Services Screen (User)

Sub category Services Screen (User)

The services as listed by the admin will be shown here
under the sub category

Taskers will be shown according to the services under each
service listed by the admin

Search the Service Tutor(User)

  • 1 User will be able to search services from the drop down menu as added by the admin from admin panel
  • 2 Users will also be able to enter the location
  • 3 By clicking on search Tutors, users will be redirected to
    search result screen of Tutors
Search the Service Tutor(User)

The On Demand Tutor blueprint that powers your startup

The On Demand Tutor blueprint that powers your startup
  • Request
    On demand marketplace requires a diligent process. Requesting for particular task, authentication, etc are managed in this module
  • Notification
    Push notifications in the service provider and customer expedition assures clarity for all the collaborators.
  • Scheduler
    The central functionality of an On Demand mobile app development Application is to provide a service directly at user's appointed location
  • Tracking
    After getting the notification tracking the partners builds constancy in user's eyes. ETA bodes well for the same.
  • Allocation
    The service allocation is in a compendious and systematized mode that helps smooth-run the user experience
  • Payment
    Payment integrations render coherent and smooth payments using debit cards, credit cards and netbanking.
  • Matching
    Matching formula is used to assign service providers to users, which is the mainspring of on demand platform.
  • Review
    Reviews and customer ratings assists and serves as a helping hand in steering allotment, authenticity, quality of supply, etc.

360 degree startup solutions for your Tutor App Development

  • Ideation


    Startup life cycle typically starts with you, as an entrepreneur and founder, having an idea for Tutor App Development that can either solve an existing problem or it could be of adapting another successful business model to cover the uncapped market.

  • Conceptualization


    We start with market research, competitive analysis, product understanding, helping you get the product-market fit and UI design requriement in order to deliver end-to-end solutions with a go-to-market strategy.

  • Implementation


    In order to come up with a finished product, we'll develop it as per your custom requirements. To assist In creating a powerful product, kindly refer to our product engineering methodology to see how we implement.

  • Marketing


    To help you get traction, we have marketing experts to help you with digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media marketing in order to validate your idea with the product that we will create together.

  • Scale up

    Scale up

    You would be looking at scaling up your startup once you have the Tutor App Development product validated with the much needed traction. Finding right marketing mix, knowing which markets to expand to, enhancing the Tutor product as per user feedback and market demand, etc.

  • Get Funded

    Get Funded

    As part of the startup and investor networks worldwide, we can also get you introduced to some of the angel and VC networks to help you get funded.

Product Engineering - Tutor On Demand Startup

Converting your Tutor App Development idea into execution demands domain understanding, proficiency, understanding and dedication. We offer custom product engineering solutions for your tutor on demand startup requirement. See how we can add value to your business to shape your idea into reality.



We work on proof of concept (POC), minimum viable product (MVP), prototypes by assessing market size and segment, target audience, growth potential, etc. in order to validate your idea.



Whatever is required to present and envision your tutor on demand startup idea in order to implement, our Business Analyst team would be working on wireframes, SRS, SOW, UCD (Use case diagrams), sequence diagram etc. to analyze the vision.



We will narrow down on the typical features required along with the UI and UX (User Experience) that can engage your target audience. It could be identical to one of your reference Tutor App Development sites or it could be completely different and unique.



Development would be in accordance with your custom Tutor App Development requirements. We have Center of Excellence (CoE) assigned to carry out your requirements which involves agile development methodology and DevOps to implement the solution.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

To ensure product efficiency, we carry out unit testing, integration and regression testing, which are complimentary for your assignment. On top of it we also provide speed testing, security testing, load testing, stress testing, server load balancing as per your requirement.



We well help you with deployment assistance on your server to help you go live. You can host your application with us as well. The server can be near to your location or the target market from where you are expecting the traffic.

We have the technology part covered for you

Tutor App Development clone development is a complex process and comes with a lot of moving parts. Creating the digital infrastructure for Tutor development from scratch requires a longer turnaround time and hence becomes costly. We understand tutor on demand startup development space and our clients benefit from our domain experience and robust backend technology.




We know that a me-too Tutor App Development clone idea isn't enough to create a stir in the market.




Scalable technology back-end for growing tutor on demand startup demand - you will never have to redo it all over again!




Operate big data in a timely manner with our high-powered analytics in a cost-effective manner.




Scalable architecture and our process-oriented rapid development approach ensure a quick go-to-market ETA!




Powerful technology back-end with basic ready-made modules save time and hence overall project cost for your Tutor App Development clone.




Our unparalleled domain expertise in Tutor helps you to avoid common mistakes that other startups would do.

You are in good company !

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Clients Speak

Clients Speak

People at NCrypted were supportive and understanding of our requirements and went out of the box to suggest and implement customization that we required for our website on top of what they already have in their product. We wasted our money using a third party script from another company but finally I am happy with this investment with NCrypted.

Michael Woods - President, Texas Vacation Rentals


I am more than pleased with the website that NCrypted has created and it really exceed our expectation, particularly because I knew that our project requirement were not pretty much clear when we asked them to start the work, but they were not only ahead of the time by getting the statement of work prepared after a few chat conversations with...

Gregory Shepherd - Serial Entrepreneur, Author


How NCrypted Websites delivers business value?


Our primary focus would be on understanding your requirements and providing you with technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind. We understand that a serious project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, functional, financial and emotional commitment. We want to believe in your idea as much as you do. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted Websites can help bring your idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.  

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