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With NCrypted® Websites, the possibilities are endless.

Our superior range of website clones quickly enable you to launch your start-up business. While you enjoy the feature-rich world-class website experience from NCrypted, you can relax and be rest assured about the uniqueness and quality of the website design. Our genuine code lets you run your own website without worrying about any copyright or IP issue with the competition. You can either opt-in for one of our proprietary license versions for any of our website clones in case you don't have time for a custom development work and plan to go to market immediately. However, in case you plan on creating your own masterpiece from scratch or wish to merge two of our website clones or different business ideas into one in order to create a unique website design, we are all ears! In that case, we can assume full responsibility of your work starting from the business planning phase to design, database architecture to development, testing to maintenance and support and beyond.

Be it a vacation rental website design or a ready made airbnb clone, a crowdfunding website design, fundraising or kickstarter clone, we have the solutions. From professional business website design to complex web applications and web development; social network website design to ecommerce website design, from school website design to college website design and university website design - we have the expertise and exposure to all the industry verticals.

We go out of the box to suggest what you will require based on your target market and target audience rather than simply listening to your requirement. Website design consulting is a necessity and not a luxury and hence at our website design and web development company, we believe in thinking ahead of the competition while keeping your target audience in mind.

Check out the range of website clones and custom website design projects that we can work together on or simply let us know what your requirements are and we will get back in touch with you.

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NCrypted Websites is a leading web development company and website clone developers providing high-end website design, website development and website clone services, clone scripts, products and solutions for start-up ventures and medium to large scale companies.

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Check out what website clone, web development and website design products and services are in demand! Check out our Web Industry Trends page to review latest searches for our website clone scripts, products and website design services.


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    In today’s market shopping is tuning its beats with internet to compose best selling song of the year. We had often heard customers saying this market is good to buy clothes and other to buy grocery. The reason people classified the markets was to sell things where buyers can easily choose their product [...] [...]

Let us first look on the numbers of fundraisers and fund being collected every year in various fields and by various associations across the world. Religious and education alone comprises 45% of the whole fund being accumulated December one month along contributes 17.69 to 20% of them. Online fundraising trend is increasing 10% every year [...] [...]

Let us imagine a day without our cell-phone, e-mail and internet? It’s tough to imagine than think how worst will be it be to accomplish our daily task especially like buying and selling goods worldwide. All of the three factors have revolutionized e-commerce and shopping industry, including engaging customers, their research about latest trends and [...] [...]

Some of our Website Design & Website Clone Clients & Projects

Ford Motor Company (USA)National Equestrian Crime Database Limited (UK)Hyatt HotelsMiddlesex County College (USA)Kranzle GmbH (Germany)
We have successfully completed more than 1,400 website design, website development, web applications and website clone projects so far (as of March, 2014). Our 100+ website clone scripts and application softwares power hundreds of websites. With over 400 clients spread across 42+ countries worldwide, we are truly transforming businesses worldwide! To assess your website design and custom development requirement, kindly send us your RFP/RFQ and we will get right back to you with details and proposal/quote.